Biography of Zaghloul El-naggar

Zaghloul El-naggar

Zaghloul Al Naggar… Leading scientific miracles in the Quran and Sunnah.

A brilliant researcher in the Geology and a skilled doctor in the science of earth, he masters the Arabic language and the whole Quran is memorized, his combination between the natural science and the Islamic knowledge qualified him to succeed in the scientific miracles in The Quran and Sunnah, and he’s one of the members who founded the world body of the scientific miracles in Quran and Sunnah, he was also a member of the international Islamic University of Science direction, this is of course the Islamic preacher Dr Zaghloul Al Naggar, and his full name is Zaghloul Ragheb Mohammed Al Naggar.

He was born in 1933 in a small Egyptian village located in Algharbia province, the conservative environment where he grew up helped him to love Islam, he learnt the Quran by heart before reaching the age of 9, and then he moved with his mother to Cairo where he studied the elementary and secondary school.

He joined the faculty of science in Cairo and studied the geology which was a new field then, and he earned honorable awards in 1955, after that he immigrated to the United Kingdom where he obtained a P.H.D in the science of earth in 1963, and a teaching diploma in 1972.

On one hand his brilliance in science and Islamic knowledge qualified him to get many awards, on the other hand, he was harassed by the Egyptian security men and as a result he was put in jail, and after he was released, he was banned to teach because of the accusation of being a member of the Brotherhood Muslim association, but this couldn’t stop him to find other alternatives, as he joined the company “Sahari of Petrol” for a while, but his antecedence prevented him from working as well.

But thanks to his qualifications, he was able to overcome this crisis and held some important positions such as Professor, Director and scientific researcher in bunch of Arabic countries beside his participation in setting up the geology department in many universities and high institutes.

In regards to his accomplishments, he wrote over 150 scientific articles and 45 books in different languages (Arabic, English, French and German), he also writes scientific articles in Ahram newspaper on a daily basis and animates some TV shows such as “Don’t they understand?” in Iqraa TV.


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