Biography of Mustafa Hosny

Mustafa Hosny

Mustafa Hosny Abdessalam is a young Egyptian daai’a. He was born in Egypt in 1978. He is graduated in trading from the Ain Chams University in 2000. He changed his direction and had a diploma from the doua’s preparation institute, which is affiliated to the Egyptian ministry of Awqaf. He has several books and religious television programs on Arab satellite channels.

Mustafa Hosni began his career in the trading field in 1997; he became the trading director, before entering in the religious world and daawa’s work. In parallel with his trading studies, he spent his free time in learning al fiqh and al aqidah, he was taught by the best Islamic scholars and scientists.

He worked in Iqraa satellite channel where he created and presented several religious programs, among them, “khadaouk fa kalou (they betrayed you, then they say)”, “fi houbi arrassoul (in the love of the Prophet)”, “sihr adounya (the world’s charm)” and “ohiboka rabbi (I love you my god). “Eish allahda (live the moment)” is considered as the newest program, and was broadcasted in 2014 on Iqraâ channel.

Mustafa Hosni participated in television programs on other satellite channels. He animated two radio programs, gave a number of conferences in Egypt, United States, UK, Kuwait, Yemen, Qatar and Bahrain. He also wrote several books, most notably the "Al kanz al mafkoud (the lost treasure)", "Kalam Rabbi (my god’s words)" and " madrassat al hob (the love School)”.
He has various charitable and humanitarian activities, he is currently the Director of the Ammar al Ard charity Foundation, and a member of the administrative council of the "hayat bila tadkhin (Life Without Smoking)" association.


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