Biography of Ragheb el-Sergany

Ragheb el-Sergany

Ragheb el-Sergany is an Egyptian doctor, researcher, Islamic thinker and Daiya. He was born in the western province of the Arab Republic of Egypt in 1964. At the beginning of his academic career, he went to the Medicine University of Cairo, and had his bachelor’s degree with honors in 1988. He continued his studies in the same field and had a master’s degree in 1992 in Cairo University with honors too, before he gets his doctorate in urology and kidney surgery in 1998.

His passion for the Islam’s history led him to make more studies about this religion in the same time as his medicine studies, and he managed to reconcile between the two studies. He finished learning the Quran in the beginning of the 90’. He founded a website named “kissat al Islam (Islam’s story)”, where he introduces the Islam’s history and corrects the wrongs ideas around it.

Dr. Ragheb Sergani worked in different positions, is a member of various national and international committees and associations. He actually works as an assistant professor at the Medicine Faculty, in Cairo University. He is a chairman in the administrative council of the civilization Center for Historical Studies in Cairo. He is also an Egyptian-American urology association’s member, the World Muslim Scholars Federation’s member and a member of the rights and reform legitimate committee.

His historical researches and his intellectual interests led him to launch an intellectual project entitled "Together we work for building the best nation", which seeks to take advantage from the Islam’s history to rebuild the nation. He also wrote more than fifty six books in Islam’s history and thoughts, which enabled him to win many awards. He also participated and animated many television programs on different Arab satellite channels and on the Internet.