Biography of Wagdi Ghoneim

Wagdi Ghoneim

Often nicknamed the « Kishk of Alexandria » as he is compared by those who admire and respect him to the late Abdelhamid Kishk; for the two have a similar way in transmitting their message. Shaykh Wagdi Ghoneim was born in 1951 in Alexandria, he is well known for his audacious political positions but also for being a member of the Muslim brotherhood.

The academic path of Shaykh Wagdi Ghoneim is a very fruitful one, for he has a BA in Business Administration Division from the Faculty of Commerce of the University of Alexandria in 1973, he then chose Islamic studies as he received high readings (Hafs) from the institute of readings Alexandria University in 1984. In the same subject field and a year after that he received a Higher Diploma in Islamic Studies from the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Cairo and a Master’s Degree from the same Faculty to conclude with a PhD on Divine Shura and the Status of Democracy.

From a professional side, Shaykh Wagdi occupied different posts in and outside Egypt for 1976 he occupied a post of Agent Accounts from which he resigned in 2002. He was also elected Secretary General of the Union of Trading in Alexandria from 1991 to 2001 and at the same time Secretary General of the Division of Accounting and Revision. Last but not least, he also served as imam at the Islamic Institute of Orange County, California, USA.

The preacher is mostly known for his audacity and severe critique of the political and economic situation in Egypt, his belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood. This caused him numerous clashes and troubles within and outside his country for his was repeatedly imprisoned in Egypt, expelled from Bahrain because of his position against Kuwait during the third Gulf War, excluded from the United Kingdom after being accused of inciting terrorism and refused admission from Canada and Switzerland.

Finally, Shaykh Wagdy Ghoneim has published a number of religious books and animated different shows displayed in numerous Arab Channels.


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