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Biography of Musa Bilal

His name is Sheikh Musa Bilal Minyar, one of the most famous Saudi Quran readers. He is currently working as an Imam and a preacher in “Al Nour” mosque in Mecca.

Sheikh Musa Bilal memorized the holy Quran under the supervision of Sheikh Abi Muhammad Abdul Malik Sultan, the director of the Quranic School, and the professor in “Oum Al Kura” University in Mecca. Also, Sheikh Abi Muhammad was the one who certified Sheikh Musa according to the “Ten readings” from “Al Shatibiya’s” recitation method.

After receiving his certification and mastering the art of “Tilawat”, Sheikh Musa Bilal devoted his entire time and efforts to pass on what he had learned to the emerging generation. Therefore, he decided to teach the “Ten readings” from “Al Shatibiya”. He is currently a member of the jury of the International Quran reading competition in Dubai, as it was the case of the last organized contest, the sixteenth edition that took place in the holy month Ramadan in 1433 Hijry, corresponding to the year 2012. Many of Sheikh Musa’s students won international Quran reading competitions, such us: Sheikh Anwar Hawsawi, Sheikh Abdullah Shalwaalah and others.

Sheikh Musa Bilal was known for the quality of his voice and for mastering the Quranic “Tilawat” and “Tajweed”, by relying on a slow controlled pace and on a powerful articulation of the sound. Besides that, he has several audio Quranic recordings according to the “ten readings”, in addition to some videos from his Quran reading in various prayers that he leads in “Al Nour” mosque in Mecca.

It is said that Sheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar Al Kaim, a Saudi Quran reader and Imam, is always praising Sheikh Musa Bilal, his eloquence and his talent, as he used to refer to him in Mecca.