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Biography of Neamah Al-Hassan

His full name is Neamah Bin Yaakoub Bin Mahmoud Al Hassan, one of the most popular Iraqi Quran readers. He is married and he has two daugthers, and he works as an Imam in the mosque “Abdul Aziz Al Sanad” in Kuwait. Also, he is the brother of Sheikh Yousef Al Hassan who was assassinated by the Militias in Basra.

Sheikh Neamah Al Hassan was born in Basra city, Southern Iraq in 1969. He received his primary education in “Al Khalil Bin Ahmad Al-Farahidi” school, his mid-education in “Al Nidal” school, and his high school education in the college of Islamic studies in Basra and in Samarra. Then he graduated from the Shari’a University- Islamic sciences branch- in Baghdad. After that, he obtained his masters degree from the Faculty of languages-Arabic language branch- in Basra and he is still preparing his doctorate degree in the same field in Basra University.

Sheikh Neamah Al Hassan follows the authentic Iraqi style of Maqamat while reading the holy Quran. His sweet voice made him very famous in Iraq, as his readings are in every house. Most of the gatherings, forums and channels praise his beautiful and heartfelt voice and his magnificent reading style.

Sheikh Neamah Al Hassan started the Imamate in his mid-education years, before being appointed as an official Imam in “Al Hasanayn” mosque in Basra in 1995. He was also taking the Imamate of the “Taraweeh” and “Al Qiyam” prayers in the Grand mosque in Basra. In 2003, he moved to “Al Aalban” mosque in Kuwait in order to pray the “Taraweeh” prayers, and he was appointed after that as an Imam in “Al Sanad” mosque in “Kifan” area and in “Al Qiyam” prayers in “Othman” mosque. He is currently an Imam in the mosque “Abdul Aziz Al Sanad” in Kuwait and he supervises the Quranic memorization gatherings in “Kifan”.

Several scholars and sheikhs were part of his life, including Sheikh Muhammad Saleh who taught him the Quran in Basra, Sheikh Kasem Al Samrani who taught him the rules of “Tajweed” and Sheikh Othman Al Kurdi who certified him according to Hafs Aan Assem’s recitation method during his studies in the Shari’a Faculty in Baghdad.

Sheikh Neamah has multiple audio and video recordings, such as “Al An’aam with Dua’a” which includes “Tilawat” from “Al Qiyam” prayers in “Othman Bin Afan” mosque in 1427, “Al-Furqan and Yaseen with Dua’a” from “Taraweeh” prayers in “Al Alban” mosque in the same year, and “Hood, Al-Qiyama, An-Naba, and An-Naziaat “with the Dua’a from “Taraweeh” prayers in “Al Sanad” mosque in 1426.