Biography of Mahmoud Al Masri

Mahmoud Al Masri

Shaykh Mahmoud Al Masri… the emotional shaykh

Also called Abou–Aamar by the closest ones was born in Cairo among a very conservative and religious family, he is a father of two boys and a girl. With a master’s degree in Social Services from Helwan University and a diploma of Islamic sciences from the Preacher Training Institute in Cairo. He also got some teaching from different scholars from Egypt and Saudi Arabia such as the late shaykh Muhammad Ibn Salih and Dr Muhammad Ibn Ismail Al Muqaddam.

The shaykh is completely devoted to seeking knowledge and advocacy to Allah though he admits that contrarily to most shaykhs his devotion to Islamic studies came a bit late. This however did not stop him from being the shaykh who today well-known for his eloquence when talking about his Creator, his constant smile and low voice and his tears when giving his lessons and lectures.

Following his education, the scholar gave different lessons, lectures and sermons in different mosques for many years. He also took part in a number of seminars and Islamic conferences that helped an important number of westerners that embraced Islam.

Furthermore, shaykh Mahmoud Al-Masri presented different shows in a number of Arab channels such as “huna al-jannah” (heaven is here), “Almousarii” (the wrestler) and others. Advising his listeners to never give up on having faith on their Creator and the sinners not lose hope in repentance and forgiveness.

At the same time, the scholar published numerous books comprising his thoughts and perceptions concerning the Islamic studies talking about the Prophets and their stories, the concept of marriage in Islam, the adequate performance of the five prayers and other subjects.


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