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  1. Ma shaa Allah, there are a lot of reciters with beautiful voices and good recitations in Sudan, i always listen to the recitations of Shieks Al Zain Mohammed, Saleh Ahmed Saleh,late Nourein Mohammed Saddiq and Dayyab.
    May Allah reward them abundantly,bless Assabile company.

  2. Very beautiful voice & you could listen for hours and still want more. Mashallah I wonder if Alsayed Saleh had memories Alquran Alkareem before he reached age 12. MY God Bless you and your family By the way I tried to find the bio of alsayed Saleh without any success. .

  3. Maashaa' Allaah, I very much like Sheikh Saleh Ahmed Saleh for the sake of Allah. I never get tired of listening the holy qur'an recitation by Sheikh Saleh Ahmed Saleh. Inshaa' Allah, I hope you and other Ehlu qur'aan Janah.

  4. Alhamdlilah, really like his iqra many of us in Nigeria listening to his qura an recitation. May Allah rewards him greatly. Ibrahim from Abuja Nigeria.

  5. Mansha Allah, l spirituality enjoy his Qirra and let Allah reward his.
    Prof. Mohammed Musse from Ethiopia.