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Biography of Muhammad Abdulkareem

Muhammad Abdulkareem

Sheikh Muhammad Abdulkareem is considered one of the finest Quran readers in Sudan and the rest of the Muslim world, he was born in “Mashaw” village, near the city “Dongola” in the ninth day of September 1968. He is an Imam and a preacher in the mosque “Al Mujamaa Al Islami” in Khartoum city.
He is married and he has seven Children (Two sons and five daughters).

Sheikh Muhammad Abdulkareem received his basic education in Makkah. He also obtained his bachelor degree from King Abdul Aziz’s university in Jeddah, in the faculty of letters “Islamic studies department”. Later on, he earned his master degree and doctorate in “islamic studies” from the University of Khartoum.

Sheikh Muhammad Abdulkareem was a disciple of Sheikh Muhammad Al Sissi, and Sheikh Ahmed Sabri May Allah’s mercy be on them, in the great mosque of Mecca “Masjid Al Haram”. He was able to memorize the Holy Quran under their supervision in 1983. Also, he was certified by Sheikh Muhammad Nahban Masri with the “7 readings” in 1985. He was surrounded with numerous Sheikhs and Ulema with whom he learned a lot of things, such as “Al Rasm of the holy Quran”, “Alfiya Ibn Malik”, and “Al Aaqida Al Talhawiya”.

The most notable Sheikhs who accompanied him are:

  • Sheikh Al Allamah “Abdel Aziz Bin Baz” may God have mercy on him, in Mecca and Taif.
  • Sheikh Muhammad Al Habib Al Shanqeeti may God have mercy on him, in Mecca.
  • Sheikh Muhammad Al Saleh Al Uthaymeen may God have mercy on him, with whom he stayed for a while in “Onaizah”.

Sheikh Muhammad Abdulkareem is distinguished by his soft and sweet voice and his Quran reading mastery “Tajweed”. He was appointed as an Imam and a preacher in the mosque “Al Mujamaa Al Islami” west of the city of “Khartoum”. Besides that, he was also known for his considerable efforts in “Da’wa” or “preaching”, teaching the sciences of the holy Quran and its “Tajweed” rules, and also Quran memorization.

As a result, he earned a certificate from “Al Arqam” Institute for the Quran memorization in “Masjid Al Haram” in Mecca. He previously held numerous tasks including:

  • Teaching in the charitable project for the holy Quran memorization in “Al Haram” in Mecca.
  • The supervision on the Quran memorization seminars in the north of Jeddah.
  • Working as a teacher assistant at the University of the Holy Quran in Omdurman.

He is currently holding many other positions, such us:

  • The presidency of the Islamic culture department in the faculty of “Matloubat Al Jamiaa”.
  • A membership in the council of trustees of the charitable organization “Di Alnorin” in Khartoum.
  • The presidency of the preaching committee “Da’wa” in the legitimate association of scholars, preachers and Imams.
  • A membership in the Advisory committee in the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs in Sudan.

Sheikh Muhammad Abdulkareem is the author of multiple books and publications, most notably:

  • “Landmarks of integrity in the holy books and Sunnah”: Master theses.
  • “Ahl Al Qibla and their legitimate rights”: Doctorate theses.
  • “Al Aqsa mosque”: positions and morals.
  • “The treatment of “waswasah” or “whispering” in the Aqidah.

Sheikh Muhammad Abdulkareem published a set of audio recordings of the holy Quran according to Hafs Aen Assem’s recitation method, and recorded a Quran version according to Al Dawri Aen Abi Amrou’s recitation method, and also the explanation of the “introduction of Ibn Al Jazri” “ Al Moukadima Al Jazriya”,...etc.


  1. Sheik Dr. Muhammad Abdul Kareem is originally from Sudan, probably he is one of the best reciters in the islamic world today as far as the correctness of "Tajweed" and pronunciation of Quranic words.
    He is very modest and not interested in advertising for himself.
    I wish we had more exposure of this wonderful "Quari" so we can learn from his unique way of reciting
    Quran. Many thanks to Sheik Muhammad and we hope to hear more from him may God reward you for spreading his words.

  2. First of all, all the reciters are excellent and May Allah SWT grant them the best of heavens - amen. Sheikh Muhammad Abdulkareem is an excellent reciter. I just came across him on the web just now but his reading makes ones heart melt with joy and spritual fulfilment. Him and Maher Al Mueaqly are out of this world. May Allah grant all the reciters the best of Heavens - ameen.
    I am a Gambian muslim living in the UK. Blesseth RAMADAN to all the muslim ummah, in advance.

  3. It gives me spirtual pleasure to listen to the recitation of Muhammad Abdukarim. Allah may bless him success in this life and hereafter. Such competent Muslims Qaris are pride for whole Ummah. There is a need that we must benifit from such scholars and evolve some kind of teaching methology ensuring that Muhammad Abdulkarim and other qaris like him may have thosand of students all arround the world.

  4. Masha'Allah very beautiful recitation ,voice very clear "Tajweed"and pronunciation of Quranic words is very correct 。It gives me spirtual pleasure to listen to the recitation of Muhammad Abdukarim
    all the reciters are excellent and May Allah SWT grant them the best of heavens - amen

  5. Aselamu aleikum werahmetullah, I like listening to Mohammed Abdulkerim's qur-an reciting, Ya Allah! It has a power to knock the heart, may Allah accept his Islamic deeds and 'ebadas' inshaAllah.
    Weselamu aleikum werahmetullah.

  6. This shaikh is a wonderful sheiks, I love the way he reads the quran. He makes me feel well. He reads the Quran so correctly he does not make any mistakes, that is what I love about this shaikh called Muhammad Abdulkareem.

  7. I really love to hear Sheik Dr Muhammad Abdul Kareem recitation he has a such a wonderful way of reciting quran that make me want to hear him over and over again may Allah swt grant him JAnnah ameen .