1. assalam alaykum. masha allah, you are one of the best, may allah bless you and protect you brother, thank you for every good thing you have been doing till now.

  2. masha-allah beautiful recitation... its really an honor to hear your recitation. may allah bless you with his rahmat and protect you from all kinds of evil

  3. Saad El Ghamidy is a good recitor of Quran. His voice is a nice one. when he reciting quran giving nice hearing. ABDULLAH.

  4. May God bless you,,, very very nice,, The deviation enters deeply inside hearts honourable reciter....big LIKE...

  5. Such a peaceful voice. Perfect for Quran Recitation. Calm and soothing. May the Almighty reward you greatly ISA

  6. Masha-Allah beautiful recitation, good inspiration Algamdulillah. May he be rewarded in abundance Ameen