1. 19 Feb 2014
    Essalamo Alaikom brothers
    I am a Muslim living in Australia.
    Thank you very much for providing this easy to use service.
    I appreciate your valuable contribution to the propagation of Islam.
    Your Website is very easy to use unlike many others who made it very difficult to download Quran.
    Again I thank you very much.
    Without listening to Quran here in Australia, I am at a grate risk of losing my faith completely in this country. Muslims here in Australia, generally, worship the dollar. They have no fear of God. Their mosques here are like cemeteries, graveyards and memorial parks.
    Alhamdulillah, God gave us this holly book to read to remember God and increase our Iman.
    Wassalamo Alaikom brothers

  2. Please accept my deep sense of gratitude for all who contributed their best for the sake of Islam. I would like to strongly recomend all of those listener while listening AL-Quran