1. Alhamdulillah! I make a prayer that one Day i get chance to see Sheikh Saad El Ghamidi, I make Prayer if I do not see him in this Allah make it possible for me to see him in Jannah. Whenever my Sheikh recites Suratu Nisa, I feel like exploding but I can't expload, when he recites Suratul An' Aam, I feels my prayers are accepted by Allah, when he recites Suratul Baqarah, it enters my body from not a single path but all parts of my body, When he recites suratul Al' Imran, I feels like every christian become muslim.
    may Allah reward you abundantly and preserve you

  2. Allah bless you. You have been blessed with heavenly voice. We wish your both worldly and and eternal success. May Allah bless with the highest Jannat.