1. I feel like I'm in Masjidil Haram Mekah. What a wonderful feeling. Tq Sheikh Saad El Ghamidi.How I wish I could read like him. However I've made an effort to better my reading with the help of an Ustazah.

  2. SubhanALLAH! May ALLAH azawajALLAH make my son Owais the best quran reciter like Sheikh Saad El Ghamidi.I like this wonderful recitation and wish to listen to it each and every jumuah day.Allah Akbar.

  3. I am wordless to say about recitation of Saad El Ghamidi. And you set a good collection of Quris. I only heard about Sudeas and Shureeb but today i have found a lot of Qaris.
    zahid hussain

  4. a very wonderful recitation. very touching. alhamdulillah. barakallahu fika. may the Almighty Allah continue to bless those that deem it fit to make this page available for download. Masha Allah.

  5. The recitation is full of soul and with correct understanding. It is amazing and the listener is carried to a spiritually uplifted state of mind and heart.

  6. AMAZING .i wish i could read like that its really nice and calm and least some people can read like this and some people try.