1. manshallah!
    This sheikh name wich is Saad El Ghamidi voice you couldn't dream of it or couldn't imagine it.May allah bless this sheikh and other muslim brothers and sister inshallah.May allah subhanahu wa tala put all my brothers in islam and all my sisters in islam in paradise.Make dua for this sheik inshallah
    ameen ameen.

  2. Dear Saad Al Ghamidi;
    I never know how can i thanks...When i listen i feel myself so pure. May Allah C.C Protect you...wish you can come to Turkey...Wish...
    Thank you Dear Saad Al Ghamidi...

  3. this is the opening chapter, Allah SWT taught us the manners of how to ask for help. Even if you are asking people for help follow these guidelines you will never regret it.

  4. Barakal Lahu fii ka Ya Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamadi. maashaa Allah, I always enjoy his recitation, may Allah bless and reward you with Jannatul fiddausil :ala

  5. this is the opening chapter Allah taught us how to ask for help when you need it so if you need guidelines how to be a good ask the the people