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Biography of Mahmood Al-Tabib

Mahmood Al-Tabib

The Quran reader Sheikh Mahmood Al Tabib is one of the most prominent readers in Libya, the country with the one million Hafiz of the holy Quran. He fully memorized the holy Quran and recited it with his beautiful and heartfelt voice, and he drew a smile on the faces of those who listen to his Quranic readings.

Sheikh Mahmood Al Tabib was born in Libya, in a small conservative family where he was the youngest among his three brothers. He memorized the holy Quran and he obtained a certification in the ten readings and he mastered several recitation methods. He then moved on to teach the holy Quran at the Al Anqoudi mosque, in the Libyan capital Tripoli.

It was destined for Sheikh Mahmood to leave his mother country, to move to the United Arab Emirates in order to settle in Al Sharika city, where he works as an Imam and a preacher in Malik Bin Aws’s mosque.