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Biography of Dawood Hamza

Dawood Hamza

Sheikh Dawood Hamza is one of the most famous Quran readers in Libya. He entered the world of “Tajweed” by coincidence; yet he became a master in the holy Quran recitation because of his raw outstanding voice, as he was able to reach the whole world.

Sheikh Dawood Ayad Hamza was born on Friday, 1st November, 1968, in Tripoli. His choice of studying the Quranic “Tajweed” sciences was a pure coincidence. At the age of ten years old, his father gave him a gift on the occasion of his success in school; it was a recording of the Quran reader “Abdul Basit Abdul Samad”, Sheikh Dawood fell in love with Abdul Samad’s voice, and he unsuccessfully tried to imitate him.

His first failure didn’t slow his determination to learn the art of “Tajweed”. He joined a Quranic school in his village in order to discover the world of “Tajweed” and its rules. The school was his gateway to get to know several Quran readers, such as Muhammad Sediq Al Minshawy.

Sheikh Dawood’s entry to the Quranic School wasn’t only to discover the basics anymore. He started showing numerous features of a great Quran reader due to his special and heartfelt voice in the “Tajweed”. His Sheikhs encouraged him to memorize the holy Quran and to master the rules of Quran recitation. As a result, he completely memorized the Quran in two years, at the age of twenty years old.

During his career, Sheikh Dawood Hamza moved between Libya and Canada. He was a Quranic teacher at only 22 years old, and he taught many Libyan students the Quran; who became later famous reciters in Libya. He was also appointed as an Imam in “Taraweeh” prayers in Canada for more than 10 years.

Sheikh Hamza was known for his diversified activities, as he participated in several forums, gatherings, and local and international competitions in different countries, where he reached advanced places, such as Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, South Africa, Czechoslovakia and Algeria. He also aspires to record his first Quranic recording, according to the Moroccan way, which relies on the “Andalusian legacy” with its fifth degree musical hierarchy.


  1. Allah the blessed please give me the guidance to understand this most beautiful recitation so I can understand the way this emanate's into my heart with such power and beauty. I could listen to this beautiful recitation forever. This is a gift to the heart from the alpha&omega,from the timeless one from which all things come &return to at the time already known to you most high. One heart one mind one god. The thing that hath been is that which shall be;&that which is done is that which shall be done:that which shall be has been of long ago already,for there is no new thing new under the sun There is no remembrance of former things;neither shall there be any remembrance of things to come with those that shall come after.

  2. Subhanallah, listening to Surah Al-Baqarah by this man has left me amazed. From what I can tell, he makes no mistakes, and his tajweed is excellent. He is talented in beautifying the words of our lord. Insh'allah I will try my best to imitate him, and hopefully use this audio to help me memorize the Quran, Insha'allah =)

  3. In the name of ALLAH the most beneficent the most high
    Asalamu aleikum,Masha Allah. What a beautiful recitation
    I can t say more than this because, every time I listen your voice. Subhanallah i see miracle of Quran... Allah bless you and bless all the muslem oumah Your family.

  4. Miss fatma is right. His voice is very dazzling. I showed my friends and they said you were amazing. Mashaallah. You deserve such a dazzling face. I always dream about you in my country with me. I line in north America. I'm travelling to Libya in a few days. So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Masha allah He Make's me cry May allah bring him to heavean and his family When i first came to this website i saw a lot of sheik'h i went to random pages i saw daoud Hamza and i clicked on it He is such a beautiful gift From our mighty and only lord Allah subhana wataala Ameen

  6. Mashallah. Beautiful voice, and beautiful recitation. Allah ybarik feek aw eyjazeek kul kheir.
    I love Surat Yusuf and Mashallah your talawa of the Surah is astounding.
    I agree with the previous two comments, your voice has left me dazzled and amazed. Mashallah.

  7. just listen to this sheikh.He has a amazing voice.When i just listen to him
    i just felling like crying.he is a sheikh i like this sheikh .i wish to be sheikh like him and he look fantanstic "mashallah" my brother is sheikh mahammed ayuub. "MASHALLAH"