1. masha'ALLAH shaikh Maher has very beautiful voice. I heard him for the first time in maghrib prayer led by him in Makkah, when i was performing umrah with my family in april 2012. since then i am collecting his Quran recitations. ALhamdolillah have collected a lot and am eager to collect more. always wiating for the new arrivals from shaikh Maher. may ALLAH bless us all including Shaikh Maher almuaiqly.
    Dr Mohammad Sartaj Khan
    Assistant Professor Dentistry

  2. May Allah bless shaikh Maher similar all who recite the quran from this website.I pray to Allah to grant them janna and blessings.Sh maher may Allah grant you and your family good health and protect you from all evil inshaAllah.I thank Allah for this website may our loard grant them more wisdom and bless them mightly,amin ya rabbana!
    your sister in islam

  3. Masha ALLAH, Maher's voice and recitation is gift from ALLAH. And we hope to listen to other reciter s of Quran all over the world Insha ALLAH.

  4. Mashallah sheikh maher al muaiqly. It was just an awesome recition from him. Allah bless us all... ameeeeen