1. Assalamu alaikum, i love this Surat and his recitation, it's really exciting and good to listen to, especially in your free time and this is the easiest way of listening to it, you can also download the HOLY QUR'AN in your phone or in the system. This is really helping a lot,Jazak'Allah kheir.

  2. Thanks a lot Maher
    your voice is so beautiful, I will hear this record everyday.
    I even cried when I heard your voice

  3. Jizaak Allahe e Khaer
    Beautiful recitation.
    Thank you team who have made this wonderful material available and are maintaining it.

  4. Assalaamu Alaikum
    I love the way he recites this surah, Ma Sha Allah. Whenever I am sad, listening to this surah lightens me up!

  5. I really feel good whenever i listen to nice voice of my beloved Muslim Brother. Wish all enjoy the wonderful Quran Recitation.

  6. Ma Sha Allah. May Allah reward Maher and all of you with the highest jannah. I love to listen to his recitation.