Biography of Ayman Swed

Ayman Swed

Ayman Swed, the Arab Icon in Quran Reading and Recitation

Dr Ayman Rochdi Swed grew up among a very religious family, he was attached to the Quran since his childhood becoming thus a master in Reciting the holy book of Allah, he was born in Syria in 1955 and currently resides in Saudi Arabia.

The Islamic preacher chose to specialize in Islamic studies after high school, leaving thus Damascus for Egypt where he received High readings from the Institute of Readings in Cairo in 1981, he also received a degree in the Arabic language from the Faculty of Arabic, Azhar University in 1982. He then went to Saudi Arabia where he received a Master’s Degree from the Faculty of Arabic, Umm Al-Qura University in Meccah in 1990, followed by two doctorate certificates; one from the University of Umm Al-Qura in 1998 and the second one from the University of Al-Azhar in 1999.

In parallel with his studies, Shaykh Swed had a number of important Shaykhs and Quran scholars and reciters and made proof of unremarkable intelligence and skills in reading and reciting the holy book of Allah thus receiving eight degrees in the subject field at the hands of the most prominent Shaykhs and readers of the holy Quran such as Shaykh Mohi–Eddin Alkurdi, Shaykh Amer Othman, Shaykh Ahmed Abdul Aziz Al-Zayat and others.

Moreover, Shaykh Swed occupied a number of important posts and had important responsibilities mainly in his area of expertise. For he worked as a consultant in the International Body of Quran teaching that belongs to the Association of the Muslim World, he also collaborated with the Charity Association of Quran Teaching in Jeddah, occupied the post of supervisor of Quran learning in some mosques in the same city. Furthermore, he organized Quran Recitation sessions so as to increase the number of Quran teachers, the Shaykh also animates a show aired on Iqraa channel called “Mastering Quran Recitation”.

From the same country Syria


  1. Quran lectures take the first position. Lets all embrace the family of quran recitation and memorization. Dr Ayman, can we have audios for your tajweed lectures? If available, can I have a link to access them
    Assalaamu alaikum

  2. assalam o alakum respected teacher ayman swed. May Allah accepted your efforts and services and bless you high ranks in paradise. your recordings of Makharij really helpful. may ALLAH bless you the best reward.

  3. I am abdul malik from chennai india i am hafiz i am learning tajweed. And i learnt more knowledge in this tajweed
    Jakallahu khairan

  4. Masha Allah your recitation is clear and is helping me tremendously with my Tajweed learning. Jazakh allah Khair

  5. best website ever good job aymen swed your the best keep on the cmon pls dont give up or retire you dan do it