1. I love sheikh Ali Jabir.May allah bless him. My name is mohd hamza. I wana want to become a sheikh like sheikh ali jabir. He recites quran in such a way that everyone get impressed with it.

  2. Kassim Mahamud 2012-10-01 21:08:58

    As-salam My Brothers & sisters in Islam, Iam Kassim Mukhtar Mahmaud, from Northern Nigeria, Presently a Consultant & a leader aspiring to develope a true & a Sincere leadership as a Candidate for Governorship Position of the People of Borno State & Nigeria. In fact words can not & can never express & explain the debt of admiration which I have for Sheik Ali Jaber Raheema Humallahu May Allah have Mercy upon Him. He was truely my inspiration towards the Holy Quran & the love which I developed for the Holy Quran since while I was a child. At 12yrs,I developed a special ears for Sheik Jaber whenever I hear his voice reading the Quran from the Raio & TV. My witnessing of his live recitation was precisely in 1987, during the month of Ramadan while I was in Makkah for Umrah along with my parents. Till this day, I have Sheikh Ali Jaber in my entire soul & he still remains as my constant inspiration towards our continious love for the Holy Quran along with the other Imams & Scholars, we should always consider all Quranic reciters as the voice of Allah & we should always respond to the voice of Allah when ever we hear it ! Bissalam

  3. mansur umar ibrahim 2013-12-23 10:35:46

    May the soul of my beloved sheikh rest in peace.I can't descrive the extent to which my heart has extremly gone deep and deep in his love.I am always about to weep on hearing his voice reciting the holy Qur'an, Oh Allah grant this sheikh Jannatul firdausi with your mercy.

  4. fadimatu Umar 2014-11-10 09:28:46

    Assalamu alaikum, I love this recitation of Ali jabir, may Allah swa grant him jannat, Ameen, it's always soul soothing when you listen to the Quran,

  5. May Allah reward Sheikh Ali Jaber for his recitation. He has awaken many with the Nur of the Quran Kareem. What a blessing this Qari has been and continues to be to the Muslim Ummah.