1. mahamed farah 2009-03-04 00:12:59

    Assalamu Claykum.
    i wanna tell some hostory about sheikh Ali Jaber was nice sheikh, nice voice attracted all people around in the world, reading holy quran in makkah and maddinna.

  2. maxamuud cabdirisaq 2011-07-02 12:28:24

    may allah reword sheikh ali jabir'ali was best quran recitor i ever seen may bless him.and we wish him paradise.

  3. Abubakar Ruma 2012-08-06 14:11:20

    Sheikh Ali ben Jaber was the best Qur'an reciter i have ever seen in my life, whenever i listen to him reciting the Qur'an i felt peace and happiness in my heart, i felt strong. May the Almighty Allah grants Sheikh Ali Jaber Aljanah Firdaus, May Allah forvige Him.

  4. Masha Allah may Allah grant him janatul firdosa sheikh Ali jabir Amiin. One of best reciters of holy Quran in the world.