1. Finished the Hadj 1433H, we stayed in Madina... First time when I listened his voice in the Holy prophet mosque, oh no, not again this voice! After, listening two or three times. I don't know what happened to me. His voice is clear, the actual wordt pronunciation, not fast, invite me to listening... (am I hypnoticed by this voice?). I told my husband, my darling: I think I fall in love with you and... the voice of the imam from this Holy prophet mosque (deeply in my heart I was afraid to see his reaction). But his answer, Amazing....: me too! I like very much this voice. When I am tired, come home from my work I like to heard his voice with nice tea I think I will feel as I am (back) in the Holy prophet mosque. I really now like to recite the Qur'an. Alhamdulillah! May the Almighty bless him all the listeness around the world. May ALLAH ta'ala bless him and reward him with jannatul firdaus amin!
    Wassalamu Alaikum.

  2. Greetings for all Muslims (true Muslims, not fake ones) all over the world, and I'm sure they are many.
    Greetings for this kind respectable website which serves as a wide window through which true heavenly light can come to make us see and understand and believe in what we see.
    Greetings for all those wonderful reciters who, with their voices carrying the words of Allah, remove
    layers and layers of deafness covering our hearts as we go through a difficult and dull "lower life"
    in which rights have been wasted.
    Special greetings for the wonderful Shaikh Al Hudhaifi, who is the best of the best.
    I wish that visitors of this webpage leave their comments in our Holy Quran's language and, thanks God, our mother tongue instead of using this bad mixture of English and Arabic words written using Latin letters. If some visitors of the site cannot read Arabic then it is time to learn.
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Alhamdulillah!The very first time I heard hi voice was in the early 90s when I heard his beautiful Qur'anic recitation from a tape my father bought.
    I fell in love with him.His recitation was very clear.In 2012 when Allah called me for hajj; I heard his voice in the holy prophet's mosque but this time around;his voice was clear but you could hear that age has caught up with him.
    I did not know when tears started dropping from my eyes that got me thinking that one day if I live that long; I too will become old.Subhanallah may Allah have mercy on us may we die as Muslims with full faith;ameen.

  4. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh my beloved brothers
    I consider this as excellent work may Allah bless you all and may Allah (Exalted He is and The Most High) accept from all from you
    Just one thing inshallah I want to point out is to to put the salutations of our beloved Prophet (May Peace and Blessings be upon him) where it states "Prophets Mosque" so that people may remember to give salutation to the Prophet (May peace and blessings be upon him)
    Jazakumullah khairan (May Allah reward you all with good)
    Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

  5. I use to get many English translated Books on Islam and its History, But to by-heart Suraah's from Quraan I was looking for a Quraan Reciter who's voice is clear in hearing the actual words pronunciation and who is not very fast in reciting, to catch the words while reciting, I had listed to so many Audio Quraan's but I never happened to be so happy and content when I first and yet till now love to hear Quraan when recited by Sheik Ali AlHodaifi my sincere Duaa's will always be for him.

  6. Alhamdulillah! Thanks be to Allah And his noble prophet Muhammad (SAW), and finally to this site for helping me in the accomplishment of my dream four the picture of sheik Ali bn Abdulrahman Al-hodaifi. He have been my role model from the time I started memorising the Holy qur'an to date. This sheik have made a great impact in my atitude towards qur'anic recitation.
    Above all i love him and pray to shake hands with him.

  7. Alhamdulillah! may Allah bless shikh ali alhodaify the best shikh in the whole world when ever i listen to holy quran by shikh ali alhodaify i cry and i feel i am very close to allah because the beautiful voice that allah granted him makes me remember allah so much, May allah one day make me to stand behind alhodaify in prayer in the prophet allah (saw)mosque. AMEEN and may allah grant us all paradise for we are muslims,

  8. Hazrat Hudhaify is a Great Reciter....a nice and Pious Man...May Allah Taala Bless him! His Recitation proves His Spiritual Power...Allah Taala has Honored him Dunya...Inshallah Allah Taala will Honor him in the life hereafter! I pray to Allah Taala that before my death I get an opportunity to say Prayers behind him in Prophet Sallallahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam's Mosque! Ameen.

  9. My first encounter with the Shayk was while listening to his recitation on the Penman. His pure and clear delivery of each word made me crave for learning to read Arabic. Allah Exalted is He, gave me the opportunity to learn. May the Shayk be rewarded for bringing me to the recitation. And now I am striving hard to acquire more knowledge of the Holy Quran.

  10. I felt in love the first time ever I here sheick alhodaifa recite the Holy Quran. His resitation help me to memorised some of the verses in the Quran and hope one day Allah will grant me the oppotunity to pray behind him in the Holy prophet mosque and to also see him phisically. May the Almighty bless him all the listeness around the world. asalamu Alaikum.

  11. shiekh hudaify is a beautiful reciter i wish i could pray behind in mosque before i die hudaify is role model i adore him and i hope i meet him in the hereafter let him never retire he's the best reciter known to man nobody else could beat him and cannot stop listening to his quran its the best everyday i listen to him may he carry on reading inshallah.

  12. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil alamin. I could not convey my happiness for coming across this complete Qur'an recitation of this noble Sheik "Alhodaifi" his recitation makes me to feel at peace and in total conciousness and submission to ALLAH subhanahu wa ta'ala. May ALLAH ta'ala bless him and reward him with jannatul firdaus amin!

  13. Mansha Allah sheikh Hudeyfi is my favorite sheikh. Subhana Allah I was given as a gift of his whole album of QURAN four times from different people. Insha Allah I will meet him in JANNA the way I got his album amin ya Allah. Alhamdulilah I prayed behind him in madina and next will be in JANAAH amin ya RABI.

  14. The way he recites the Holly Quran makes my breath want 2 seize, sometimes i get so emotional just listening 2 him. may Allah reward him with Jannah ameen. I have listened to many good Quranic reciters and with all due respect they are all amazingly good but i feel his is the best in my own opinion.

  15. Hazrat hudhaify's distinct voice helped me memorize some parts of surah al-baqarah, subhanallah Inshallah Allah Taala will Honor him in the life hereafter! I pray to Allah Taala that before my death I get an opportunity to say Prayers behind him in Prophet Sallallahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam's Mosque! Ameen.

  16. First time I prayed behind him in 1995. I strongly feel that he is the best recitor and imam. Since 1995 I use to visit Madina every year for few days and when he is not available I fell a bit sorry not praying behind him. I wish him a long life and leading the prayer in good health for a long time.

  17. Ali Hudahaifi's recitation is so beautiful subhanallah. His tajweed is amazing and i love his recitation. Everytime I read Surah Ar-Rahman (a frequent surah i listen with his recitation) I seem to mimic his beautiful recitation. May Allah bless him and grant him the highest level of Jannah. Ameen

  18. Father:You are my dad as well because any mumin who can be a dad, a brother, a mother e.t.c. is a father, a brother, a mother e.t.c as ''inna mal muminuna iqwah''.Insha Allah, you will be among the first group that is going to enter Jannah, the band which is going to be the closest to the Lord.

  19. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu.
    May Allah the almighty bless him and reward him with aljannatul firdausi amin.
    When i first listen to his recitation, i was amazed and since then i became his fan.
    I wish and pray for Allah to make me meet with him insha Allahu rabbi amin.

  20. Subhanallah I thank allah for giving us a gift for sheik alhudhaify. When I first listened his recitation It was like a magnet to my very soul and could not get enough to repeat all the time and is the same after 26years. May allah protect him. Undoubtly a recitation for meditation.