1. Asslaam O Alaykum brother abdul rehman
    I am from Pakistan and i am very fascinated your God gifted voice and i am a great follower of your thinking about jews. Allah gives you Long and prosperous life and Jannah after life. You are the great inspiration for the whole muslim world.

  2. Aslam alikum brother sudias
    iam from afghanistan.and i started memorizing quran, bcz i was inspired by your voice.if i see you i want to kiss you.
    may god grant you jannat after live,you are source of inspiration for me.

  3. let me first of all thank almighty God for have giving you this talent and extending my thanks to you of not being greedy in what you are given am rely benefiting on it be bless sheik.

  4. salamualakum brother,
    may Allah give kindness in your heart and all of your praying that you have shared across the world. let everything go well ,wherever you may be.
    Aaishah. age 8

  5. Asalamu Aleikum brother sudais Masha Allah when i listen to your recitetion my tears start coming out my Allah grant us all jannat firdaus Ameen & make us love reading Quran.

  6. Let to me first thank to the almighty god,Am washing you all the best fiddunia wal akhira
    May Allah grant us the ability to witness ourselves in jannatul firdausi ameen

  7. Masha Allah this site is very good. Thank you Imam Sudais. We can listen any surah and there are durus and about Islam and our prophets. Thank you.

  8. Alhamdulillah,
    May Allah reward you for all your services to islam and mankind. I enjoyed listining to your recitation brother Sudias.

  9. Allah is great may Allah grant you good health and strength in other to continue your good deed, we are missing you here in Nigeria .

  10. Obviously this site can assist us to strengthen our recitation capacity. May God thanks Imam Sudais for this gigantic contributions.

  11. Salam brother Sudais,thanks for your contribution to the propagation of islam may Allahu subhanahu wata ala reward you aboundantly.

  12. Abdul rehman God gives u very impressive way to recite the holy Quran may God gives u space in jannat ameen

  13. I pray that ALLAH almighty bless the jannah to to the person who suggested me this wonderful website