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Biography of Yassen Al Jazairi

Yassen Al Jazairi

Al Qari Yassen, also known as Cheikh Yassen Al Jazairi, is an Algerian reciter.

Yassen Al Jazairi shortly rose to fame thanks to his charming recitations and his distinguished voice.


  1. In the name of ALLAH the most beneficent the most high.
    Salem alikoum.
    I am so emotionally felt in seven heavens listening to this beautiful reciter may Allah reward you the janet elfardous the most high.
    You bring light into our heart through the recitation of the holly quran.
    May Allah bless you and bless all the muslem oumah.

  2. It is a wonderful experience to hear for a difference,another authentic recitation. Very few people even know that there are other recitations which are equally as authentic as the popular one ( Hafs an Aasem).
    I am really proud to be a muslim just by hearing the miracle of all times (the Qur'an) being recited in different ways.

  3. In the name of Allah the most beneficent, most merciful
    Salem alikoum
    i love all the recitations for they are beautiful and gorgeous
    i felt calm when listening to this
    the Quran is the best thing Allah has created and given us.
    I thank you Allah for this beautiful book that you have provided for us

  4. In the name of Allah the beneficent the merciful, this is the 1st time I visit this website and I am very impressed about al recites voices.
    Special thanks to Yassin for the amasing recite, May Allah light your path and all people working on this website. Jazakoum Allahou Koul Kheir

  5. Asalamu aleikum. May ALLAH pay this quran reciter Al Qari Yassen and the hole quran reciters in the world. They are the light of this obscure world where we live. They are the gardeners of the most wonderful text and the most beautiful words the human beings can tell.

  6. Asalamu aleikum
    Halima Benyelloul ..I'm sorry but you should be proud about beeing Algerian as well..never give up. I'm a proud muslim and Algerian.
    cheikh yassine..You bring light into our heart through the recitation of the holly quran

  7. Salamou alikoum, baraka ellahow fik ya khow, that what I call a stress relieve, beautiful voice, peaceful, some times we need to charge our butteries, otherwise its easy to get lost, and be consumed by the greed of life, Thank you brother.

  8. subhanallah well done for reaching this unexpected level shiekh . you have tried so hard to rwach this level. thank you for following the right path and presuading other people by your beautiful voice
    anisa mohammed haji

  9. assalam
    i am so emotionally felt in seven heavens listening to this beautiful reciter may Allah reward you the janet elfardous the most high.may allah bless you for a bright future.may u and all the true muslims blessed by allah.

  10. Subhanallah....mind blowing...power of voice with holy Quran..Alhamdulillah.. May Allah bless all of us...Let all of us recite holy Quran like Yaseen and may Allah guide us to follow the do's and don'ts of holy Quran..

  11. I feel very excited to Listen to Yassin with his angelic voice that makes of one of he best Quran reciters in the muslim world .He sets a good example for the Muslim youth.We're really proud of you.May Allah bless you.

  12. Asalamu aleikum.May God save your soul Sheikh Yasin.Baraka Allahu fika ya sheikh.I love quran specially read by people like you.Praise to Allah.May the Lord illuminate your life and enter you the Firdus.Amin

  13. Allahi Barek.Masha Allah. What a beautiful recitation. Algeria can be proud. This is a field where we should compete.
    May he be an example for our youth!
    I am proud to be a Moslem and sorry to say Algerian too.

  14. Bismi Allahi ArrahmaniArrahim
    Really a beautiful and attractive voice.I feel very excited listening to the recitation of Yassin.He is one of the best reciters in the Muslim world.May Allah bless them all.

  15. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh
    I really enjoyed this beautiful voice and wonderful telaawah of yours may Almighty Allah bless you and rewards you

  16. mashallah ya sheikh yacine, your voice is amazing cuddly voice of sublime sound....god bless you, and ride you to straight path way, bye...

  17. Masha Allah and Alhamdulilllah for our Quran reciters in all over the world. Alhamdulilllah to be a Muslim.