1. good job fellow brother.thanks for the message given. please can you sing about the companions of the prophet.

  2. This is my best naheed from Sami Yusuf for now,I know there would be another wonderful nasheed from him.

  3. Beautiful one brother i love this Nasheed, May Almighty Allah give us Strength to follow our Mu'allim. Amin.

  4. Ma Sha Allah . Allah bless you dear brother , i always pray for you from my heart , always happy dear brother

  5. This song touch my heart deeply. Oh young singer go ahead for Islam. Maassalamah. Search for "Modern Herbalife"

  6. maasha Allah
    i wish to tell Sami that I listen to his songs everyday and my imaan increases. may Allah bless you. and I wish that people over the world listen to your songs.

  7. Masahllah Allah ! You are a good singer, one of the best songs he had songs about over beloved profet mohamed Salahallahoallehvasalem.