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Mohamed Riyad Author on Author
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Amine Hilal Author on Author

Amine Hilal

Graduated in Islamic Studies, Amine Hilal joined the Assabile editorial staff in 2011. He oversees the content of articles, and is responsible for writing the English section of the website.

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Zaynab Ghilane Author on Author

Zaynab Ghilane

Holder of a degree in Islamic studies and the higher level of DELE in Spanish, Zaynab Ghilane writes both en Arabic and Spanish. She deals with issues relating to Muslim women and she is the responsible of the Spanish section of the website.

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Meryem Abourafiq Author on Author

Meryem Abourafiq

Bilingual journalist, Meryem Abourafiq is part of the team of Assabile since 2012, she writes both in French and Arabic.

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