1. SAIDU MUHAMED ABUSADEEDA MISK 2011-10-03 10:45:35

    He is an excellent and blessed qaari. I always listen him and try to follow him to learn and memorize following tajweed.
    May Allah give him long life with sound health and wealth.

  2. badrul hisham 2012-03-20 00:31:38

    alhamdulillah. my first umrah in the month of Ramadhan 1993 had given me the opportunity to perform daily solat in masjidin Nabawi under the imamship of Sheikh Mohamad Ayoub. his beautiful recitation of al Fatihah, al Baqarah and other surahs became one of the unfogettable experience for me and my wife. may Allah bless Sheikh Mohd Ayoub and family with endless happiness and good health always. wassalam