1. Mohammed Kabir Khan 2009-05-05 11:47:43

    When I listen the first recitation of siddique al-Al-Minshawi specially the Mosque recitation I always try to get a copy of that recitation from shop/person/wave/from any Egyptian people etc from 1980. Still I am collecting the same.I am in need a copy of CD or tape his all Quran recitation progrmme in the Mosque gathering.I pray to Allah Sobahana tala in akerah I need to stay with the accompany of the all Quran reciter in Jannah for listing their recitation in eternal life of the Jannah.I love this all great reciter of the Quran more than any other else in this world.I hope Allah will pardon all os us and full fill our hope in akherah, Amin.

  2. Mir Ahmed Baloch 2015-10-06 09:51:25

    Very Nice Reciter of HOLY QURAN I have requesting that please upload more videos of Mohammed Siddiq Al-Mishavi I like it very much