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Biography of Mohamed Osman Khan

Mohamed Osman Khan

India is one of the minority Muslim countries. In this context, Islamic organizations and institutions play a major role in protecting the rights of these minorities and to protect their identity, and perhaps the most prominent of these organizations is the “Scientists of India association”, which is supervised by Sheikh Mohamed Osman Khan, a professor of Hadeeth and one of the few Quran reciters in India.

Sheikh Mohamed Osman Khan is known for defending the Islamic religion against the more popular and propagated religions in India, such as Hinduism, Christianity, Qadiyanism, Quranism, and other currents. He makes sure that the Muslims are teaching their children the Islamic religion since childhood, and he encourages them to help them memorize the holy Quran.

Sheikh Mohamed Khan was able to cope between working as a Hadeeth professor at the University of “Dar Al Ouloum” in the state of “Deaband”, and his activity of advocacy about the Islamic religion, as he is the president of the “Scientists of India association», the biggest and oldest Indian Islamic organization, and the president of the “Hadeeth association”.


  1. Mashaaallaahha its great to recite like this.may Allah reward all of our kareeee, I always respect and its great blessings of Allah