1. Akhound Jawaid 2011-01-02 18:24:11

    I think no body have the words to appreciate Brother Mishary. But little to say that he is the living picture of people of jannah. if any body wants to learn about jannatees , come see him , listen him. may Allah bless his mother and father who gave birth to a son who shall lead them sure to jannah.
    Brother we are your lovers. Please dont forget us while going to jannah. we opt to live with you in jannah.

  2. Mash Allah awesome reciting... Do remember us in your special dua's My favorite reciter .May Allah bless you .

  3. Dear brother my name is Asif Iqbal I am living in India first I appreciate your Voice may Allah Blessing you and your family please Dua for me and my family in this Ramzan.

  4. the most emotional reciter of all times. i love his recitations. he really inspires me to learn Qur'an recitations because I'm a new revert

  5. sheikh zakariya 2014-12-13 16:47:08

    i love sheikh mishary's voice
    my name is sheikh zakariya i am 5 years old i want hafid quran so make dua for me please
    jasakallahu khayr.

  6. Malam may Almighty Allah bless uu
    The first time I heard your I was much encourage and fill proud to be Muslim
    Tanx be to Allah

  7. My Allah Blessing you and your family you real served for Islam I keep my finger to crass for Allah to give you long life