1. The voice of Mishary Alfasi is so sweet and soothing... Every time I listen to him reciting Quran I am getting more and more eager and impatient to listen to him again. Whenever I listen his recitation I am having the feeling that the voice is coming from out of the world and my heart gets melted. May Allah protect him and make his voice more and sweet to make even non-muslims embrace islam....Ameen

  2. Assalam-o-Alaikum
    Cant express the feelings..... Allah Almighty has Blessed Sheikh Misharay with sweet voice and his recitation is extremely inspirational. I can't hold my emotions while listening Quran Pak in this voice. It really catches my heart & shakes me to learn more & more about our Islam.
    May Allah Almighty protect him & may he live long. JAZAKALLAH

  3. Assalam o Alaekum wa Rahmatulah hee wa Barakatuhu, Matchless recitation &Voice of Mishary Rashid Alafasy is Alhamdulillah so embellished, blessed, exceedingly beautiful &exquisitely excellent, it beggars the description,
    My Allah swt Smile to him &may Muhammad dur Rasool Allah saww smile to him, His Voice is marvellous ,overwhelming &what not???

  4. i like the voice of mishary al afasy because he was my favourite sheikh because i wanna have the same voice as he,also sheikh raed,abdul basit,mohammad khalil too.when i listen to mishary al afasy it reminds me of my family my friends and allah.i pray and i wish i could know allah's names it is 99 name of allah.i wish i could finish quraan.amin.

  5. Alhamdulilah this shekh has a very exciting voice whenever listens. His good tajweed on every ayah makes me feel excited to learn more about quran tajweed. Jazaakallah khair shekh

  6. the voice of this sheekh will fill your heart with harmony and peace and if you just listen to the the words you eel you are following ALLAH swts path allahu akbar...

  7. Allahu Akbar I wanna see you guys in Jannah, I think about Janna most times and I wanna see Mishary Rashid Alafacy with Muhammad and I hope I will be with them....

  8. your reading was so much lovely i stayed for hours to listen you reading qur'an . and please tell me where did you get your voice

  9. amazing man may Allah bless him and its so nice to hear nice voice as he has its so perfect and soothing and makes me cry

  10. Masha'allah . may Allah bless the qari with his immense mercy and bestow with choicest grants in this world and the next

  11. his voice is so relaxing my brother can fall asleep listing to his voice. My whole family listen chanel...amen

  12. Assalaamualaikum.
    May Allah give us reward for listening The Surahs recitation by Sheikh Mishary Afasy. Amin

  13. May Allah protect him and make his voice more and sweet to make even non-muslims embrace islam....Ameen