1. I shifet to Southampton from Pakistan a month ago, and living in a appartment where I've a seperate room. I was not use to live/sleep alone in my room which was making me uncomfortable here during all the time I was here.
    Now I use to listen Surah Baqrah via this site and i feel much comfortable and relax.
    No doubt that Allah's name is the source of hearts satisfaction/peace.
    Thanks to this site's admin.
    May Allah Tallah have peace upon us all. Many Thanks.

  2. since i go abroad in jeddah K.S.A & STEP-up in the holy land of makkah,i started to encouraged myself for reading qur-an,as oftened as i can,before i dont even have time for scanning the holy page of noble qur-an.after all i really loved to hear all those reader's in qur-an so much,i almost treasure it in my daily lives.ALLAH was so great and perfect for all of us,us his creation! keep in touch and our faith in our creator.

  3. I've learned so much from listen to your voice I was born in the United States and I am MuslimI wish that you could be my teacherwho makes things so much easier for memaybe when I come to make Hajj inshallahI can meet youwe all need mentors and you are mine I am 65 years old and there's nothing else for me except Islam if you can email me back to be beautiful as salaamu alaikum

  4. Assalam u allaikum
    I do not know what to say, is so beautiful.
    I did not expect. So beautiful ...
    Now I use to listen Surah Baqrah via this site and i feel much comfortable and relax.
    No doubt that Allah's name is the source of hearts satisfaction/peace.
    Thanks to this site's admin.
    May Allah Tallah have peace upon us all. Many Thanks.

  5. my heart soothed by the melody of quran by mishary al afasy...thanks a lot...jazakallah!...i was in a pain and now i got relief... every time i lost myself,the quran let me come to my desired way of peace and prosperity...Allah forgive me and let me stay on "siratul mustakeem"-the straight and easy way,to success..aameeen...

  6. This is the first time ever I heard the recitation of Mishary Rashid
    Alafasy, it is,indeed,impressive. The flow of his melodius voice and dilivery is a feast for your ears and you don't want to stop listening while tears flow down your eyes. It is a pure listening pleasure which sooths your soul. God bless and God speed dear qaari.

  7. Alhamd-o-Lillah, this is Superb. Quraan needs to be recited in the best of voices and manners. Blessed are those who have the voices and the ability to render the verses of the Glorious Quraan into endless and captivating melodies for believers to listen and learn and follow. Subhan Allah.

  8. After hearing such a melodious voice of Mishary Rashid Alafasy, i personally felt his voice motivates me to read and understand the Quran, may allah bless him ameen. ins-ha Allah even i could read like him ameen.
    i love to be in touch with you respected Mishary Rashid Alafasy.

  9. Excellent recital of the Quran. A pleasure to listen to and follow. Moves one to tears.It is a great asset to those who never had opportunities to attend Quran schools. Internet technology
    has strengthened the ability of Muslims worldwide to learn more about their faith.

  10. MasahaAllah whenever i heard this surah recite by Mishray Rashid Alfalsay alhammadoillah i feel peace and pleasure in my soul and i want to hear it every time ......May Allah bless him and gives great rewards for his good deed and safe him from every bad evil eyes ameen

  11. Hearing to his beautifull voice , just wakes up the soul ( ROH ) , Allah Bless him . Listening to Holy Quran evey morning gives you a whole happy day , so my adivce is for every muslim to listen to holy Quran evey morning .
    hamed Halim From Afghanistan

  12. When i listen to this i feel a warm warmth overcome me i feel just very happy and relieved :)
    like nothing bad will happen to me im writing this while listening to it masha'allah this is just beautiful and amazing. Thank you Allah (SWT)

  13. Assalamualikum...when i listen first time in my life HOLLY QURAN with Mishary Rashid Alafasy become tears in my eyes and i want tell everyone i accept ISLAM Alhamdulillah...and i am proud to be voice ALLAH bless him Ameen

  14. this recitation is the best i've heard.I love this sheikh.i wish the best for this sheixh in his grave and anybody who visited this site including. i hope i have a wonderful house in ganat waiting for me in- shallah.

  15. hi my name is hani iam 13 yrs old and i live with my father and mother.i have a strong feeling for islam or i wouldn've wasted my time.i love quran and i hope everybody after me sees this buetiful recitation.

  16. Sheikh Mishary is the best reciter in my opinion especially the recitation os surah baqarah, he's very technical and a sophisticated reciter. May Allah ta ala give he the best of this world and the next amin.

  17. Jazha khall khairan Sheikh Mishary Rashid. I have started to memorize sura Baqara after listening to you. Your recital is so soothing and melodious. May Allah subahana watha ala bless you and reward you.

  18. Asalam dear brother and sister of islam, Sheikh Mishary makes me listen more Quran and read more, I felt than my heart is growing with Quran and I wish I will read Quran like him.
    Mahmoud From Djibouti

  19. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam,this is the first time I listen to sheikh Mishsry Rashid.
    My god he is the best reciter of all time my Allah SW bless his soul and gave him long life

  20. This is a very good surah because you earn lot of hasanat,
    reciting this surah is very important, it can get you to the Firdaws A'ala, the highest level of jenna inshallah.