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Biography of Mishary Al Arada

Mishary Al Arada

Mishary Al Arada is a Kuwaiti chanter.

Mishary Al Arada’s discography includes songs like “Ya Raja’I”, “Ummi Al Habiba”, “Mali Siwak”, “Amant”.

Mishary Al Arada died on January 7, 2018, following an accident in Saudi Arabia, he was only 35 years old.

From the same country Kuwait


  1. Masha Allah, your Nasheed Farshi Thurab is so touching. I feel the inner strength and feelings in your voice, you have really dedicated this and sung with full devotion. Your Nasheed reminds me of my next station and I always listen to it on my laptop, mobile and in my car. May Allah bless you and reward you for all your nasheeds. Jazak Allah Khair. Hope you continue without the music and don't get tempted by the money out there.

  2. Brother, I heard that you had passed away very recently and even though I've never met you, you have certainly touched the hearts of many brothers and sisters with your inspirational nasheeds, especially farshy al turab. May Allah make your grave spacious and ease you of your torment whilst you await your rewards from Allah. May Allah bless you with Gates of Jannah. Ameen.

  3. Masha alah your chants are so beautiful it really brings comfort and peace in my heart you have such a soothing and calm voice. I make dua and pray in my salaat that allah lightens our punishment for us through our belief and grants us janna as he promised us through his messengers may allah lighten you your troubles and grant you ease through difficult times

  4. May Allah swt bless this brother and give him Jannah insha'Allah. When reverting to Islam and no longer listening to music, Brother Mishary Al Arada's nasheeds were the next best replacement after quran. Truly inspirational, and even though I do not understand all the lyrics, I could FEEL them.
    Jazakallah kheir,
    Sr. Aiya from New Zealand.

  5. Selam Alaykum.......
    Amzing anasheeds by Munish Mishary al Arada!
    I absolutly adore his anasheeds! I almost listen to him everywhere I go, anytime. My favourite anasheed is Farshi "Turab" that one makes me cry everytime I listen to it!
    Jazakkalahu Kheyr!
    Selam from UK. Manchester!

  6. Bissmillahirrahman Nirrahim
    Asslamualiakkm WWB
    Many thanks for such a beautiful work and share beautiful words and studies of Islam.
    I am looking for Arabic Lyrics for Forchi Attorab with English Translation.
    Jazakllahu Khairan

  7. Asalamu aleykum,
    Mansha allaah my brother mishary he has good voice manhsha allah I listen to him whenever i have some free time. Mansha allah! allah ya xafidaka and keep you insha allaah. Amen!
    your brother abdurahman, from sweden.

  8. He is awesome....I just love to listen to him all the time...certainly I can't understand arabic language but it's just amazing to listen to him....MA SHA ALLAH....Allah may bless him and give him what he wants(arround sharia).

  9. Asalamo alikom, Wonderful effort, it's so nice and it's really Islamic Song, I like it . Does he speak English? hope to visit here in Saudi arabia and Inform me in order to come. I think he is really religious, is he married?

  10. He is awesome....I just love to listen to him all the time...certainly I can't understand arabic language but it's just amazing to listen to him....MA SHA ALLAH....Allah may bless him and give him what he wants or desires.

  11. Assalamualaikum...
    Subhanallah, you is the good moslem & the good singer, I hope Allah SWT always with you, amin...
    my name is wahyudin, i'm from Indonesia, & i'm is moslem like you, & i like your song,...

  12. Assalamualaikum, Maasha allah very nice voice and nasheeds by my brother. Specially farshi thurab.. made me cry literally. Heart touching and sentimental. Feels exactly like what happens to us after we die.

  13. Selamun Aleykum , Mishary Al arada .
    I'm from Turkey . Because I couldn't find a place where I can buy the songs I downloaded from the internet. Give us your blessing . I love your voice.

  14. My fav nasheed singer, Mishary al Arada! I love you, for the sake of ALLAH and I ask Allah for you jannatul firsdows forever and may we meet there
    InshaALLAH indeed life is short :(

  15. Your Nasheeds bring me back to Allah always.. May Allah gather us in Paradise bro ....
    May Allah accept your good deeds and forgive your sins..

  16. Subhanalillah.
    May Allah SWT. Forgive all his sins and grand him Jannah. Ameen Thumma Ameen.
    we love you but Allah Loves your more

  17. I found out today he passed away! I grew up listening to him! He's one of my favourite nasheed artist. May Allah give him Jannah.