1. Suleima Sangbe 2011-06-05 00:33:17

    Frankly speaking, Muslims throughout the world really misses a great quran reciter. He is the best I still did not heard yet. May the blessing of Almighty Allah be on to him.

  2. Sheikh has inspired me and love to listen to his recitation. I started with hardly able to recite now continuously listening to his unique style I have learnt by heart a number of long sura such as al-bakara Allah reward him for his efforts to make recitation easy for millions Ameen.

  3. babacar mbaye depuis senegal 2014-02-16 00:48:06

    asalamou alaykoum c`est fantastique merveilleux.une recitation claire et comprenhensible bravo que allah tout puissant vous garde amine