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Biography of Ilhan Tok

Ilhan Tok

Ilhan Tok… Turkey is pronouncing the Arabic.

Turkey was mostly known for writing the holy Quran instead of reciting it, that’s why its Quran readers are very rare, and perhaps the most prominent one amongst them is Ilhan Tok, who is known for his special voice and for his ability to diversify the Maqamat.

Sheikh Ilhan Tok was born in 1937, in the Turkish province “Duzce”. However, his first step in the work field was in Istanbul, where he was appointed as a Muezzin in “Escudar” mosque. He later became an Imam and a preacher in the same mosque in 1962. It is also noteworthy that his career did not know many moves between different mosques, as he remained faithful to his job as an Imam and a preacher until he reached the retirement age in 1981.

However, Sheikh Ilhan Tok continued his participation in his parallel activities even though he retired. He continued with his religious activity through the radio channels and the religious articles he wrote, and he also represented Turkey in an International Quran reading competition in Malaysia in 1981. He is currently holding the presidency of the religious affairs in Ankara, in the religious education center for teaching the Quran and its sciences.


  1. Assalamu Aleikum .
    This is the first time of my life that I listen to Cheikh Ilhan Tok who is Turkish.
    For me, his voice and tajweed are the same than Cheikh Al Hussary.
    Ma Cha ALLAH.
    May ALLAH give him Al Firdaws Al A'la for years and years of such hard effort and good result. This is a pleasure for our ears and our heart to improve our faith.

  2. Qiraat is very amazing. Turkish style is best and sakhih. JazakAllahu khayran!
    Ilhan Tok is work in Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs