Biography of Ayed Al Qahtani

Ayed Al Qahtani

Ayed Al Qahtani is daa’i “an Islamic preacher”. He was born the May twenty second 1976 in Qatar. He grew up in the middle of a conservative family, but his passion for journalism led him to pursue his studies in this specialization. He had a bachelor’s degree in media sciences at the Qatari university in 2000. He also got a Master’s degree in media and journalism in 2006.

His religious education, his scientific qualifications and his innate competencies enabled him to work in important positions at the Qatari ministry of awqaf (islamic endowments), where he worked as a media office president, in Dawah ”preaching” and religious guidance administration in the ministry of Awqaf in 1998. He also worked as a president of teaching Quran department in the ministry of Awqaf in 2003, and as manager in the former Department of Dawah in 2004, before becoming the president of the Trustees Board and the general manager of the Sheikh second son of Abdullah Institute of social services.

His Professional preoccupations did not prevent his involvement in voluntary and humanitarian activities, where he helped creating a number of charitable associations and community centers. In fact, he is a founding member of the Aid charity institution, and the Abbad Arrahman center for Quran service. He is also a member of the Qatari Marriage Fund committee, and a member of the Supreme anti-smoking committee, and director of the “Furqan” (Criterion) Youth Summer Centers.

Ayed Al-Qahtani worked as an editor in the qatari Istiqama “Straightness” magazine between 2000 and 2009. He is very famous and loved in the arab wold thanks to his appearances in religious programs across a number of Arabic satellite channels and radio stations, especially the “hayat alqoloub (hearts life)” program, which he prepares and presents since 2000 at the qatari national television, and the “safinat annajat (rescue ship)” program which he animates on the Doha Radio of Holy Quran.


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