1. Mashallah cheick al zain jazakallah khair what a voice haffidullah ckeick al zain a soothing voice I listen al zain everytime I feel stressed cheick you are the pride of Sudan

  2. Mashaa Allah, I am hooked up to this website for Qur'anic recitations.... I earn tranquility by listening to the melodous recitation of the Qur'an.
    Thank you Assabile.

  3. Asalamu Aleykum,
    I am so glad to found this website (assabile). I love all the reciters especially Abdullah Matrood. Jizakallah kheyra jizaa

  4. Sheik Alzain Mohamed Ahmed...AssalamOalikum
    Absolutely beautiful recitation...may Almighty Allah continue to bless you.

  5. this is the best, greatest and brilliant voice ever hear Allah give him this Qari piety and forgivness insha allah.

  6. Finally I get a web that I have to put on the shortlist of my screen ... Shukren board of this web !!!