1. Masha allah shaikh zain really i like him hafidahulah.
    I really enjoy listening to this Qari, actually, I used to hear in.
    I love the recitation of Sheikh ALZAIN MOHAMED AHMED.
    I hopp inshallah i will see him one day .. May allah reward him jannah, may allah reward the owners of this website.

  2. MashaAllah! what a Golden Voice! May God give him long life and reward him His Janah. wonderful recitor! I have listen to many recitors and though the Holly Quran is precious with any Qari, Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed Zain and Sheikh Ibrahim al Jibreen stand out for me. May God reward those who upload such a gift.

  3. This voice is the best I have ever seen, indeed Allah the almighty has really grant this great man a great voice. And I must say I am a proud of Sheik Alzain Mohamed Ahmed in my country, united state. In fact he is a great reciter and may Allah the almighty grant him and this website a huge reward.

  4. Assala MuAlaikum,Sheikh Alzain just recites like most of Imams back in Ghana. He has a great flair and it reflects how my grandfather used to recite the Holy Quran. May Allah Bless him with Jannah and may Allah make it possible for many of our brothers to benefit from this great Qari

  5. mashaa Allah, maashaa Allah, Oh my Allah bless for Alzain Mohamed, i have no words to express how i admired the voice of this sheikh, but i can say he is unique mankind, he is my best and favorite qaari. My grandfather who is old and blind always cries whenever he listen this qaari.

  6. Asalamuallaykum brothers and sisters this is the first time i ever listen SHEIKH ALZAIN. and my ALLAH give him ajar. Truly He reminds how the SOMALIS read the QURAN, exactly the same like him, that's how we learned, I would like to thank those who posted all of those ULUMA,

  7. Beautiful moments manshaAllah has past us for the person who sees this my Allah enter you in Jannah. I am a young boy who just wants to worship Allah but is surrounded with things that distract people. May Allah make people realize that they need to come back to Allah.

  8. This recitation reminds me how part of Somali is recited the holy quran. Excellent voice went deeply in my heart. Clear voice, neither short nor long. I advice muslims and non-muslims to listen this recitaation.
    May allaah reward our sheikh Alzain Mohamed Ahmed

  9. Since I came across this beatiful and wonderful recitation in 2009, I have always prayed to the Almighty to bless me with the ability and the melodious voice to recite in a similar or even better manner. May Allah continue to bless and protect the gifted Sheikh.

  10. Sh. Mohamed Ahmed Zain is truly a gift From Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala I listen to his reciting the Quran where ever am going and the Way he recites surat Al-Rahman (55) is the most beautiful recitation ever May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala reward him...Ameen....

  11. Masha Allah. Excellent Qirat. I think I heard this Qari in Khartoum in Masjid Al Noor, which I visited as tourist in Mar 2011. Unfortunately though, I couldn't get the chance to personally meet him. May Allah bestow His bounties upon Alzain Mohamed Ahmed.

  12. Asalamu alaykum. Al Zain is my favorite reciter. His melodic voice and clear diction are a pleasure to listen and practice although some of his vibration on 6 counts are difficult. I'd like to go to Sudan someday and study. Make dua for me please.

  13. Sheikh May Allah bless you, its a beautiful & gifted voice, when I listen to your qirat, it takes me to a different world, miraccle in your voice, Masha Allah
    If u plan any visit to India, its my pleasure and honour to meet u in person

  14. I have been listening to this sheik since 2008, does anyone have the old recitations from back then? His voice changed a little. I love this sheik Allah bless him. And if anyone can find his old recitations, please respond! Thank you.

  15. I really enjoy listening to this Qari.
    This voice is the best I have ever seen, indeed Allah the almighty has really grant this great man a great voice. And I must say I am a proud of Sheik Alzain Mohamed Ahmed
    Jasaakumu laahu khayr

  16. Sheikh al zain has a good voice mashallah. This Imam has one of the most peaceful voices any sheikh can. I heard the sudanese sheikhs, they're great also. This is the only website that has a sudanes reciter. Salams from somalia.

  17. Salaam alaikum wa Rahmat Allaahe wa barkaatahu to all and specially to Sheikh Alzain Mohamed Ahmed, and all the Sheikhs. May Allaah preserve all the Sheikhs. May Allaah give long life to them. Ramadan Karim & Ramadan Mubaarak.

  18. Masha Alah .i like all qurani qurrah.but when i listen sheikh Zain i sure Alah give him a change toung . So i pray from my Alah . Alah safe him and Alah give him a change and pride in jannat.ul.firdos .and kausar.insha Alah

  19. Assalamu aleykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,Masha Allah a good-taste recitation may Allah accept it and make bear witness for you Yawmal-al-Qiyamah and brother make du'aa for me also to be Ahul-al-Qur'an and to abide by it.

  20. Asalamuaykum brothers and sisters of islam in i am writing this comment to thanks the workers at assabile for always traying beautiful quran audio and making it available to the Whole world and also