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Biography of Ahmed Bukhatir

Ahmed Bukhatir

Ahmed Bukhatir is a chanter from UAE, born on 1975 in Sharjah from a famous family.

Graduated in management, Ahmed Bukhatir is an employer of his father’s Bukhatir Goup.

Ahmed Bukhatir began singing in 1989. He soon released albums “Fartaqi”, “Samtan” and “Da’ni” which were widely distributed and began participating in shows and festivals: “the Holy Qur’an competition of Sharjah” in 2002 and of Um al Quwain in 2003 and Festival of Grand Prosperity Basket in 2004. Later, he was touring many UAE cities to give shows that were attended by eminent Sheikhs like Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Abdul Rahman Al Sudais.

Shortly, Ahmed Bukhatir shows in London, Canada, Australia and other countries.

From the same country UAE


  1. ...I first listen to Ahmed song accidentally...
    Since then I cant just let go.. for i each time i listen.. he draws me closer to Allah (My God) ... & I cry like a baby who has been lost and now hearing a whisper of a saviour.
    May Almighty Allah continue to make you the beauty of Islam in this world and the hereafter.
    I wish to know where I can buy your nasheed online for I cant get it any Shop in Lagos-Nigeria.

  2. Salamou 3likoum, I like your songs. Especially (last breath). I love it, really its good. My freind told me about you so I started to listen to you, I wish for you good job inchallah. Take care.
    Assalamou3likoum warahmatou Allah wa barakatouh.

  3. Salamou 3likoum warahmatou Allah wa barakatouh. I like so much very much specially the song about the mother and also my sister likes very much all your songs, also you have a nice voice and very affected, I wish for you good luck and salam 3likom warahmatou Allah wabarakatouh.

  4. I simply love this kind of music and chanting! I'm not a Muslim but this music moves me deeply. I find Anasheed a great way to convey love and peace. I love especially the songs 'Hijab', 'Nasheed Ramadan', 'Norone Mina Ghar'
    Allah u Akbar. Peace to all mankind.

  5. Salam Ahmed.. I'm Nasra
    I love your songs ....
    Allah blees you....
    Keep the good work..
    All my family listen to your songs because they got no music.. and its really nice..... Thanks for the good songs!
    Assalamalaykum Warahmatullah....

  6. love you Brother for extraordinary nice songs without music, pleasing most, I first listen to Ahmed song accidentally from my junior brother and finally i always love it , you have to teach someone for mankind, peace be upon you

  7. mashallah......all the nasheeds r very beautifull n heart touching,muslims need these nasheeds for refreshment of their iman,u r voice and singing way is different from others n thats good....suhanallah keep it up

  8. Allah bless you always. I am very keen on listening your nasheeds. I listened your nasheeds many time but without any idea of you. I am listening your nasheeds again and again to increase the level of my iman.

  9. Happy to listen to your songs so educstive and really inspiring.
    May Allah add to your knowledge
    may Allah grant the entire Muslim at large with paradies
    Proud to be a Muslim. From KANO NIGERIA

  10. Assalam o alikum wa rakhma tullah he wa barkatu. I became very happy when i listened your very very very beautiful voice. I pray to ALLAH most bountious bless you and your family.

  11. I liked him because he is also a muslim brother and also an islamic scholar, ya Allah help him and guide him every where he is, and am hoping to see you soon Allah ya hallika

  12. I'm not arabic speaker so i can't say about arabic nasheed.
    But "Last Breath" I love the most.
    I've been listening this for year and i simply love it

  13. You are my favourite when I listened you nasheed la I'llha I'll allah I got impressed then I started listing you now I am listing you since 2 years

  14. Mash Allah brother Ur songs are always new for me & showers my heart next to Qur'an & remembrance of Allah.