1. mohammad ilyas noor 2009-03-10 05:28:35

    dear brother ahmed al ajmi,
    asslam o alaikum,masha Allah you got beautiful voice.please pray for my son mohammad junaid noor that he can recite quran like you.may Allah give you more knowledge.please pray for me as well.

  2. ahmad is the beautiful sound of reading quraan in the world,so i hope all the youths who have good sound as ahmad to become a reader and take ahmad agood leader to him.
    thanks alot for this good website.

  3. Masha Allah !
    He is the greastest couran reader ever.
    May Allah bless him and his family inclulding all other muslims.

  4. om ahmed ben ali 2009-11-03 08:14:58

    assalemou alaykom wa rahmatou allah wa barakétouhou
    barakallahou fik ya chykh i wish from allah that my son ahmed grows up and becomes shaykh like you.

  5. saad soualmia 2009-12-13 15:09:12

    listening to you make me feel relief thank you brother,god prolong your ilaha ila lah mohamed rassoul el lah.

  6. SubhanAllaH, you recitation is touching heart.
    May AllaH Bless us with this soul sprit and love towards Quran.

  7. Asslam.o.alikum
    Beautiful voice MashaAllah.
    ay AllaH Bless us with this soul sprit and love towards Quran.

  8. manazir Hussain 2013-07-14 10:01:30

    at the moment i am listening your voice and really cant express my feelings in words how much pleasure and peace in listening the Holy Quran in your vioce,God bless you in each and every way of your life and you continue your life with reciting the Holy Quran in sweet voice. Pray for us too that we can become a true muslim.

  9. abdrosheed afolabi 2013-07-17 14:47:52

    May almighty ALLAH bless you the more in this voice. Each time i listen to you i feel like shedding tears for the magnificiency of our ALLAH,my taqwah level is always raised listening to you. May ALLAH bless you and your entire family. please pray for me and my family to recite in this way to please our Almighty ALLAH. Ameen.

  10. Assalamu alaikum.wishing you and your family the best.I wish my own children to recite qur'an like.Very nice voice

  11. Ma sha Allah. My son Hafiz Soban Wajeeh has also recite the holy Quran as like you and also like Al shaikh Mishari Rashid. He most wanted to meet and live with you peoples. Pray for you to live long with helth & welth. Also request for pray....

  12. Assalomu Alaykum dear sheykh. I am from Uzbekistan, Murodulla. You have great voice I have ever heard. Nearly every day I listen your koran reading.I wish you all the best