1. Subhanallah...I wish my son could recite the Holy Quran just like him InshaAllah.Thank you Sheikh for keeping me accompanied with your Quran for the whole month of Ramadhan I will continue to listen to it throughout the entire life.JazakALLAH khairan and may ALLAH the supreme reward you abundantly in both worlds InshALLAH..

  2. I was looking for MP3 Quaran,than my wife told me about you,after hearing you we all started crying...Masha Allah you have very sweet and soft voice..may Allah bless you with all happiness.And to every body surprise me and my wife has corrected Quaran by hearing your very very crystal clear voice.

  3. First time i heard Ali Ahmed Al Ajmi's voice in ramadan and that time voice brought a different kind of noor in our house and his qirat has become a way to come out from our grief and sorrows. I pray to god to give me abality to recite the holy Quran like this. Ameen

  4. THE first time i heard ali ahmed al ajmys voice it touched my heart & it was a voice that i knew but i couldn,t remember where but i know my soul is one of the same as that such that whenever i recite quran i have the same tone subhanallah!

  5. May Allah reward you for the beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran. Blessed and beautiful voice. I listened to him all the time on HUDA TV. I get emotional and cry anytime I hear your beautiful voice. Thank you, thank you.

  6. when i was shopping mall in Qatar that time i heard Quran recitation wow... that hardly touch my heart but i don't know his name after that i asked one my colleague he said his name is Ahmed Al Ajmi. MashaAllah great....

  7. May Allah reward you abundantly. you have made me to complete my Surat Baqarah, which is the 2nd surah I will be listening to in this month of Ramadan.
    Ma sha Allahu.

  8. when i listen the way you read Quran i fill so proud i wish to listen every time and ask Allah to bless my family had your family to and all other muslim

  9. May Allahu subahanahu wata'ala accept your good deeds as an act of ibada and forgive your shortcomings, may HE reward you with jannatul-firdaus. Ameen

  10. I first heard Ahmad Al Ajmi on youtube about the yevm-el kiyam... I couldnt stop crying. He has such a moving voice Mashallah...

  11. the recltation of koran of Ahmad Ajami made me cry god bless you and all the UMAH AALLHU MA SALI ALA MUHAMAD WA ALA ALI MUHAMAD

  12. MashaAllah!! God bless you Ahmad Al Ajmi and your beautiful voice. Wish you all the best with your fine career..