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Guided Through the Quran 2014 / Ramadan 1435


  1. Bismillah
    Assalaam Alaikum
    Sure it was nice to hear the voice of Quran recited by Fahd Al kandari. but there are things to be corrected. they are as flows
    1- Upload full complet SURAH Ex:- Surah thawba , you have uploaded only Vers 112-129 , witch is not good uploard full surah
    2- Surah bagarah patr of it
    So I hope you will think of it.
    So than, Insha Allah ,you would be blessed by the Almighty god.

  2. salam aliakom wa ra7matou allah wa baraketou .i like so much your voice i know you from alafasy canal and i find your voice bewitching i hope you recite all the holy quran for us may god protect you please remember us in your douaa we the beginers in the domain of recitation .salam alaikom

  3. Masha Allah !!
    His voice is very beautifull!! I am also doing a little bit of tadjweed and I always try to copy his voice ! I really like his tadjweed.
    Masha Allah! May Allah (swt) bless him! And all our muslim brothers and sisters insha Allah!
    Allahoma amine !

  4. Assalamualaikum.
    I like what you've done in the program of musafir maal quran. I like the it much. And I hope that I;ll be one of the muslim who are memorizing quran.

  5. Masha Allah. . . . .
    His voice is beautiful I am daily listening your Qur'an murathal Allah blessing you..