1. I feel blessed every time I listen to our brother Nasser recite the glorious Quran. May Allah bless you and your family for sharing your time and efforts in spreading the good word. keep up the good work my brother. Peace.

  2. Your contribution is unforgettable, thank U. May Allah guide you to the skies prices. I think of God every day and Will not miss days. Great, fantastic, wonderful, beautiful! Good luck with everything. From the Netherlands

  3. Asalam-o-alikum I am very happy and very excited to listen Quran in your voice and my family members is also very happy to listen Quran in your voice and you praying for us and God bless you and my wish to meet you

  4. Masha Allah This is a beautiful recitation of quran may allah give him jaza-e- khair and make it for us foregiveness in akhirat ameen, and give all the muslim to learn and read quran in it real way ameen.

  5. Mashallah i am very fond of this Sheikh. Inshallah i will be leading taraweeh prayers next Ramadan. So dear Brothers and Sisters please make dua for me to recite in the exact same way as Sheikh Qatami.

  6. MashaAllah,
    you're really good. I like your voice mashaallah may Allah reward you and save you from the fire and may allah give you paradise