1. Asslamu Alaikum,
    Sister Shalash, Masha Allah your voice is so beautiful. I enjoyed and listen alomost everyday in my life. May Allah (swt) bless you and me all ummah. Aameen

  2. May Almighty grant you all success in here and hereafter. Use always your voice for praising Allah and his messenger Mohammed sal Allaho Alaihi wa Aailahi Wassalam.

  3. As salaam valay kum
    Masha Allah what a sweet,May Allah give you more sweetness in your voice Amen
    Muhammad waseem

  4. How i can download this heart touching sounds. i that possible in videos kindly share me link. thanks, Wali ur Rehman form Pakistan

  5. My dear sister your voice is sweet may Allah bless you put Allah in protection
    I am from India Sunni muslim

  6. Assalamualaikum, Mashallah such a pure and smooth voice I hope Allah helps you get even more further in the future.

  7. Im Hussain,an indian Muslim, anyway, her throat is beautiful,im waiting more beautiful songs from u.