1. Mashallah, very nice reciation, I like it. I would love to hear his reciation & hear him during tarawi prayer ramadan in New York.Very nice & clear, the quality of recording of the Qarie is very clear and good. May allah bless hime & us all.
    New York, USA

  2. Hello...my best reciter when in the first time I listen to your recite I become Eager to search on the web for more information and recitation. I like very much your beautiful voice.
    I am proud of you. thanks
    Mujiburahman Majidi from Kapisa Afghanistan

  3. Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahmatullah..
    No word can describe how beautiful your voice are..Masyallah...
    I can't stop listening to you..
    Thanks assabile.com for this audio..May Allah bless you all..
    and May Allah protect Islam..
    Muhammad Shahrezz

  4. Assalamo Alaykum Va rahmatullahi Va Barakaatuh....May ALLAH gives you a very long life.And after granted jannah insaALLAH.I m crying when I listen your recitation.very beautifull and heart tuching voice.please make duaa for me and my perents and my family.

  5. Asalamu Alaykum,
    Masha-allah, very beautiful recitations indeed. May Allah reward you and grant you Jannah.
    I especially admire this sheik's recitation of Surat Taha (ch. 20). Amazing! Truly amazing.
    Jazak Allahu Khayran.
    Wasalamu Alaykum.

  6. Asslamu Alikom
    your voice is very good and very sweet. i liked your voice. i am hafiz quran. i want to recite the quran with same to your voice. plz my english is very weakly.
    best regards
    Allah bless you and all recite the holy quran people.

  7. Assalam 'alaykum All muslim , sister and brothers.
    Very! The one to be praised and thanked is Allah, without forget his messenger.
    I real ask Allah to save all the Quran recitors. I love 'Abdul wali Al Arkani, and other recitors.

  8. Sir I love your recitation and I pray I get married abroad to my desired wife make my children hafiz a.mash Allah I pray that Allah grant me paradise and may Allah grant the prophet Muhammad (saw) paradise amen, kumasi ,Ghana

  9. Assalam u alaikum all heart touching muslims i really really not ever heard some quality voice from shekh arkani before please!!! i will be really thirst of your prayers shekh a lot thanx

  10. As salam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh
    Sincerely ,a friend introduced me to Shaikh recitation and ever since can't stop listening
    Barakalla feek
    I pray to see u one day insha Allah

  11. Asalam u Alikum Mashallah his voice is beautiful first time in real life I listen his voice in makkah taraweh then I listen in Jeddah. But I like it his voice thanks a lot (Assabile)

  12. I highly impressed and very thankfull to Assabile.com really great work for those who wants to learn and listen The Quran Al Kareem Jazak Allah Khair
    Allah Hu Akber.........

  13. I personally think that this recitation is soooooo awesome! It seems like it is better than shuraim!!!
    NOTE: Please do not write to me.

  14. Very lately i got to know Sheikh Abdulwali Alarkani and I love the voice of Sheikh, May Allah Subhanah bless him and his country.

  15. I love you sheik, we pray that more of our colleagues able s should be able to
    do this. Assalamu Amkulai