Series of Ahmad AlShugairi


  1. Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters in Islam. I have to compliment the program as well. But I was very concerned when a comment advised that we should throw everything back. I have to say, that after living for 43 years, 24 of which are in the States, every thing we throw back the others take. Not going to sing about the glorious past, even though I can, but the sciences today witness what we threw back. The social sciences also testify to all that we as Muslims threw back and how we had to cling to all things that are western, which seems to be what they are throwing back because it was tried and did not work for them. We as muslims have the guarantee from the one who spoke not of his own whims, who said in so many words"I left among you that which if you hold on to you will never go astray, the book of Allah and my Sunnah". We should take that promise seriously and if anything needs to be thrown back is what we learned from the west.

  2. allsalam alikom dear readers :). it s with great pleasure and honor that we see a such man AHMED allah jazih bekher, made a huge creative work from a scratch ,with no resourceses but only his sharp observation of the western civilization. so the question here :where is the error ,is it from us ,arabs, or our rulers???? I think it s from both .we need to say no and yes to our rulers we should not ignore our rights we should not say I don't care if they throw garabage in ocean or no I should stop poisoning our minds through the media and so we should know how to criticize in a positive way by this way our rulers will think many times before talking to us and think many times before doing any thing to our countries because those rulers are just a workers for us at last . wassalm akhok men usa :) please share with me ,thanks

  3. Thank you for the great program and effort put . I'd like to add one thing though, which perhaps u can discuss in the future: as a youth watching all the mess in our society and in the arab world and seeing no improvment or development towards human rights over all the 29years I've lived.. Don't u think we have the right to throw back all our beliefs and lessons taught in religion classes at school.. And loose every hope to strive for a good life for our children. In other words we have all the right to let go,immigrate and leave behind all this.. And try to make a good future with the little good lessons we have left from our culture and religion.

  4. Assalam aaalaykum, Iwatched Khwater this year with my family, we were all very impressed by the program, my kids are (19, 16, 11) they were born in the states and barely watch arabic tv, except for resaleh, & this year every thing excel. but the program everybody waited for was khawater, thanks A LOT for the effort. today the boys went to school, and they were so happy because the teachers were giving examples from khawater. I forgot to mention that we live in Damascus, Syria now. Thanks again and jazak Allah khair

  5. I did not imagine that Japan is like you mentioned in your program in Ramadan this year "Khawater". But when I visited Japan in October on a personal visit, I was and still am impressed. Actually, I can not express my feelings about it, but I can say that it is a great country with the greatest people! I hope we can learn from this country. I hoped your program about Japan will affect the Arabic people on positive side. Hope you and your team all the success.