1. Asalam Alikum,
    Thanks for creating this site and Thanks from Mubarak Qaris that they help all muslims around the world to learn and hear Holy Quran. It is really Appreciatable. I am always listening to this site.

  2. Due to the way Sheikh Abdul-Rahman As-sudais recite the Holy Qur'an, whenever I hear his voice my attention is always there. So I love the way he reads. May ALLAH reward him and bless him with every alphabet of Qur'an.

  3. I always wish to listen recitation of quran by al sheikh abdul rahman al sudais and while i payed fazr prayer on my arrival at al haram in first week of october 2010 i prayed behind him. i had submitted my gratitudes.

  4. Salamwlkm,
    Mashallah whenever i hear him reciting glorious quran feels like my all my bad deeds are getting washed away..I wish Allah bless us all with give us the hidayath to understand my religion islam very well.

  5. Asalam aleikum dear brothers, Sheikh Sudais is really a great person with the emotional style he uses wen reciting the quran. i really admire him and i hope one to be like him the mere fact that am now a full muslim.

  6. Shiekh Al Sudais is an extremely distinguished voice.
    Masha'a Allah.
    We pray to Allah that he and the developer of this site and myself and all of Islamic ummah be in Ferdos - Janat Al Naeem.

  7. I am happy that Allah gave us a highly respected reciter like Imam Abdur Rahman Sudais.You inspire millions of muslims worldwide.I will like to meet you sir when next Allah makes it possible for me to be in Makkah.

  8. Abdul Rahman Al Sudais is the king of Qiraat. Sheikh Sudais along with Sheikh Shuraim are the best possible combinations at the Holy mosque...God bless them with immense bounties both here and in the hereafter...

  9. Alhamdullilah!!
    Your recitation is the best I have heard in my life.When ever I read Quran i try my best to read like shaikh sudais.But i cant,only a close man to Allah and one who fears Allah only can.

  10. I love the beautiful voice of sheikh abdul Rahman al sudais. May Allah bless him. I always listen to the quran with my parents and brothers, and I pray a lot when I hear him to recite the holy quran.

  11. Masha-Allah, may Allah grant our siblings the melodoius voice he gave Sheikh Sudais. His emotional recitation moves the heart and strenghten one's eeman. May Allah reward the Sheikh for all his work.

  12. assalamualaikum wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatahu
    I have never heard such kind of soulfull recitation voice;
    whenever i listen i go deep in spritual feel.
    MashaLLah Marvellous

  13. This is a very wonderful website and one can listen to quran from different qaris.
    May Allah bless those who have helped in creating and maintaining this website.

  14. Ssebalamu Muhamadi from Uganda.
    I really appreciate your efforts towards Islamic awareness and may the almighty Allah reward you with the highest paradise.

  15. I love listening to shiekh sudais......I always come to this site when listening to Quran....ma Sha Allah.....may Allah grant him jannah

  16. You are serving mankind in real sense.May Allah be pleased with recitors as well as admin.I salute you people for your unparalleled work

  17. I like his voice alot. Being a muslim is amazing! I'm 14 and I live in Saudi Arabia. I've been to Makkah alot of times thanks to Allah

  18. I am of the opinion that the best qirat of Moulana respectful Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais is only Allah's special gift but not thing else.

  19. Sir, you are great reciter whenever i listen your commentary i feel as like i am in heaven.Sir I want to meet once before dying.

  20. May The Almighty Allah Reward Him Abundantly, for the efforts he has put in Islam especially in Qur'an Recitation