1. All praises to Allah the Almighty and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the voice of Sheikh Al-Sudais is God gifted one and gives satisfaction to hear while hearing his recitation of the Holy Quran.May he long live to recite Quran with his sweet voice. Saeed Khattak Nowshera

  2. Assalam-O-Alaikum
    I request every Muslims whose have kids please guide them to recite the Holy Quran like Sheikh Abdur Rehman Sudais reading/tilawat.
    I love him and listen tilawat everyday life. I also named my son ABDUR REHMAN SUDAIS. Jazakumollha Khair
    M. Siddique

  3. Sheikh abdul rahman as sudais is the nicest voice i ever heard. Every time I go on the computer I always hear his recitation. Inshallah I pray with sheikh sudais again. So brothers and sisters try to recite like my older brother sheikh sudais. Salam brothers and sisters.

  4. mashallah i really love your beautiful voice obviously you don't live in the u.s. i wanna be a sheikh like you someday inshallah oh Allah bless you and your family i listen to you reading quarn everyday i hope you visit the united states of America someday god bless you

  5. Masha Allah. He is an amazing reciter and his beautiful reciter and he is very good. May Allah shower him with blessings, Al Suddais has an amazingly emotional voice. I love to hear him all the time. I hope all muslims hear a good amount of surahs and learn Qur'an.

  6. I love the voice of SHEIK ABDULRAHMAM ALSUDAIS, my age is 15 and my name Omer Farroq, my dream is to become his student and I also thank the site makers for making such a wonderful site and helping the muslims. Keep it up, we must spread the islam in whole world.

  7. Assalama Alaykum
    May Allah bless Sheikh Sudais.I've always love listening to his recitations when ever i feel down ever since i was a little girl. So thank you so much for making this website may Allah bless all those who helped in the making of this site.

  8. aslaamualaikum. to all Muslims.may Allah take us all on the right path.mashallah I listen to this every day when i learn my new sabaq. I love this site. i request to all of you to listen to qurran.it clears your heart and helps you become a better Muslim.....!!

  9. I love quran; its magnetic power is amazing; I find Al Sudai's voice is very touching and his recitation emotionally linking to Allah.
    May Allah's blessings be showered on him in this world and the world hereafter.
    Queensland Australia

  10. Assalamualaikum to all my brothers and sisters i would like to thank the producers of this web site. It is a very beautiful web site and i love. Every time i have to learn Quran I come on this web sit e. It is very helpful. Thank you again and RAMADAN MUBARAK

  11. Assalamu aleykum warahmatullah
    I am from Gambia. May Allah bless Abdourahman Sudaise and all the imams in haram, may Allah gives them long life and all the muslims. I am so proud of them, may Allah give them the best place in firdaws and all the muslims.

  12. Salam everyone,
    I love the sound of Sheikh Sudais recitation. Mashallah.May Allah bless him and us all and give us paradise and protect us and our family. May Allah make this religion very strong and grow more powerfuly, especially in western countries.

  13. Wa aleykumussalam Warahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu
    @ Mohamed M - You have truly been blessed. Alhamdulillah! Ya Rabbal alameen. May Allah (swt) enable us all to be steadfast in the Deen of Islam, and may He forgive and Have Mercy on all of us. Ameen Ya Rab.

  14. Assaalaam alaykum. may the Allah grant this great sheikh (sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais) a long life. Uhibbuhi LiLLah. iam pleased that i have ever prayed behind him and also during Ramadhan. may Allah grant you more healthy and a chance to meet you.

  15. Manshallah! May Allah swt shower sheik Abdul'Rahman Al Sudais with his peace and bless. He has touch so many muslim around the world with his precious voice that Allah swt has blessed him with. May Allah swt guide us to the right path.

  16. Salam. I just came back from Umrah. Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais lead the maghrib prayer. Subhanallah. he was gifted with beautiful voice and unique style to recite the Quran that touched so many hearts.
    May Allah blessed him and all of us.

  17. Bis'milahi Rahman Raheem Sheikh you are so blessed and I know Allah is with you in everything you do .Sudais I am so proud of you, keep the good work done. I wish I am like you but I know by the help of Allah I will be like you in future.

  18. SUDAIS with his beautiful voice Manshallah. Every Muslim has to be proud of this Sheik. I am not lying but I listen to this Sheik every day. I finished the Quran guess what I finished the Quran just cuss of him. And I am only 10 years

  19. Alhamdililah
    I am really proud of being a lucky muslim and I pray that such an islamic website will be known by every muslim and non muslims so as to understand the real meaning and important of islam
    May allah helps us all.

  20. this is the best qura'an learning wed in the world because i am in one of the highest suras ever and i hope other members are like this as well and also to say i am feeling so lucky because i am nearly finished the quraan