1. Salaaam
    Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais voice so clear as you can hear each and every word with passion that he is reciting, I wish I could be at the Grand Masjid and pray behind him with my immediate family there too. may Allah the Merciful gives him long life and reserves him a place in Jannat. Abdul Rahman Al Sudais, as well as many other imams are precious to Allah and to all Muslims.
    Long live Islam
    Please do dua for ourPalestinian brothers and sisters

  2. asslamualikum dear brothers in Islam,
    i have a request from any of the sheiks that lead the prayer in Mecca. i don't the budget to make Hajj and its one of biggest dream to go there and perform hajj and make dua. i request that if any of the sheiks reads my messages please make dua for me, i have some spouse problems and please make dua for me.and pray that my husband comes to where ever i am.
    i would really appreciate it.
    jazkullaho khair

  3. Assalam alaikum,
    Since I started persuing Islamic Education, I never knew of any other reciter but him. I cherish his Qiraa very much and would like to recite like him. May Allah reward him abundantly and all the reciters of our holy book and give them and all of us the tawfiq of putting it in our lives and following it to the latter. We pray that some institutions should be started to keep this qiraa of our time.
    Alhamdulillahi .

  4. Assalamuallaikum.Dear sir your are my good teacher. I am also your follower just like as desiple. I am lesoning everyday youtube. Your reciting Holy Quran is unremarkable & also outstanding. I am spell bound of your reciting Al Quran.I am greatfull with you. I like it. I am living in London. My name is ibadullah.from pakistan sir please write something about maslak ahle-Hadees in pakistan and help ahl-hadees in pakistan.please

  5. I was going to tell you that,subsiquently,Allah has given me the love for the recitation method of the former imam of Al Masgid AL Haram in my previous message,but the proprietor of that internet cafe was closing.After learning how to recite the Qur'an like Sheikh Kabir As Sudais and Sheikh Kabir Ash Shuraim,i learned how to recite the Qur'an like the last imam of the Most Sacred Mosque.I do admire you both more than myself.

  6. I don't know whether every body has same experience or it happens to me only, whenever I listen to Shaikh Abdur Rahman Alsudais I feel peace of mind and his sweet voice touches my soul deep inside me. Usually I feel irritated whenever I listen anything for more than 30 minutes, but with Shaikh's voice I can listen it endlessly till my last breath. God has bestowed him with such a sweet and soothing voice, it is miracle!

  7. Assalamu Alaikum, fist of all to the builders of this site may Allah bless you abundantly for your dedicative service to Islam and to the Shiehk I mean (Abdur-rahman bn Abdallah Assudais)is a blessing to the whole ummah (ummatul Islamiyya), His recitations and friday samon's is really moving muslims forward in their activities, may Allah bless him and his entire family, may He (Allah) grant them Jannatul Firdaus. Amin.

  8. Al hamdu lilah, who bestowed us Islam as an religion and also made us umah am muhamadiyah. I am sending my deeply greetings to both sheikh Mahir al muieqly and sheikh abd arahman alsudais, they're amongst the reciters those shakes the hearts of the people and lead to fear of allah and remembrance of the day of recompense. Oh! May Allah let them live with the honor of Al quran and on the way of the Salaf al Salih.

  9. Alhamdulillah,
    I am from Turkey. I feel so happy that for being a Muslim. I have been to Makkkah and Madinah for Umrah. Peaceful places in the world, I felt so free and happy in there. I wish I was in there at that time. I heard Abdul Rahman Al Sudais's soften voice in Makkah first time in a Salat time. Whenever i hear him reciting glorious Quran, I feel so free.
    Assalam Aleykum, my Muslim Brothers and Sisters.

  10. Assalamualikum to all muslims.
    May ALLAH bless our prophet(s). When I heard your recitation of holly Quran after then I wanted to see you and talk with you. But I did not able to talk with you when I see you within the Haram Sharif. When I heard your recitation then I feel joy and happiness and your face floats before me. I think you are a great asset in Islamic world. May almighty ALLAH bless him in all respect.

  11. Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais is a great Islamic scholar of our time. I am very happy to have him as the imam who led the Eid-ul-Adha prayer at Al-Haram in Makkah-Al-Mokarrama during my Hajj pilgrimage to the holy place. His charismatic
    and enchanting voice draw me often to the world of divine environment and sphere. My ardent prayer to Almighty Allah swt for granting him a long life to serve the Muslim umrah.

  12. Daddy,Allah has told us that he never give an individual a responsibility which can't be carried nevertheless as for you, Allah has bestowed you more-than-enough capacity to carry out your task.Your recitations are superb,including the one at Red Cherry Beauty,which i do listen to.You are within ''the cream of mankind'', a term used in the Quran to describe the everlasting excellent nature of the prophets.

  13. Thanks a lot for build this website builder, founder. I am a Bangladeshi. No doubt that Abdul Rahman AlSudais is the greatest Quran recitor at this time, my ALLAH bless him and also his family. May Allah gives him jannah tulferdous. WE, the bangladeshi people wants to see in Bangladesh every year and perform salah behind him, they will be happy those people who can't visit makkah, due to lac of money.

  14. Asalam Alaekum Jummah,
    I will first of all say a very big thanks to the developer of this islamic site. If not for Allah and this site i would not have known all these about Abdul Rahman Al Sudais. And knowing these few about the Abdul Rahman Al Sudais, I'm really inspired by his achievement. May Allah spire his life so that he continue to inspire the Muslim ummah. I' proud to be a Muslim.

  15. MashahAllah! subhanAllah! May Allah bless him. May Allah grant us all Jannat al firdous. His voice, his tune, his recitation is mashahAllah great. I just love his emotional way of recitation. When he makes supplication, he make almost everyone cry.I cry every time I listen to him.... Our faith increases. He is the best reciter of the holy Quran. May Allah the Almighty bless him.Ameeen!

  16. MashahAllah! subhanAllah! May Allah bless him. May Allah grant us all Jannat al firdous. His voice, his tune, his recitation is mashahAllah great. I just love his emotional way of recitation. When he makes supplication, he make almost everyone cry.I cry every time I listen to him.... Our faith increases. He is the best reciter of the holy Quran. May Allah the Almighty bless him. Ameeen!

  17. I have just recently find this website, I am really grateful for those whom prepared this precious for all over the world Muslims, infact the collection of all Quras are very tremendous and amazing again many thanks for all participants of this website for your kind efforts and we pray for you all goodness and bless from Almighty Allah to bestow the upper part of Paradise (Jannah)

  18. Assalamalaikum WR
    Peace and mercy of Allah the almighty be upon all visitors of this site. Blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad SAW, his family and companions.I wish to congratulate his excellency QARI IMAM ABDUL RAHMAN ALSUDAIS FOR THE GREAT VOICE AND STYLES ALLAH swt HAS BLESSED HIM. I do enjoy his recitation of the Glorious Quran.
    Prof Ilyas Khan

  19. I love Sudais voice Mashallah it is beautiful and when I listen to it I always feel good and I love him for being a great role model to others!
    :) If there was one Sheik I could choose it would be Sudais not only for the voice for also how he is a great Muslim and shows that he cares. I always wish my son will sound like him in the future if I even have a son.

  20. Assalamu alykum, may Allah (swt) protect and bless our cheikh and all like him , wonderful and beautiful voice and recitations, brings back good memories of watching taraweeh on TV when I was younger back home. Now I am happy to watch it with my kids here in the USA ,I pray to Allah to hear cheikh al-sudais in reality in macca inshallah with my children. Ameen.