1. Subhannaallah.I wish my children to reach that level one day Inshaallah.Ya ALLAH make my Children among those make people's hearts smile! YA ALLAH Grand Janna to Abdul Rahman Sudais Parents.Ya ALLAH GRAND hIM and his Parents Jannat Naiim.(AMIIN) Ya ALLAH make my Dream of Hijra from London come true and move to somewhere I can feel my deen more. Amiin.

  2. Almighty god has provided me three chances till date to perform Haj . I have prayed behind the Imam Sahab Ab rehman al Sudais his voice is having an attraction and charm every body praises his recitation of Quran and likes to pray sulah under his imamat.May almighty God bestow him long life and good health. Haji Gh.Hassan zargar kulgam kashmir.

  3. Allah akbar, i can say this the special gift to sheikh Abdul rahman Al Sudais, what a marvellous recitation. Whenever i listen to his voice my iman will be fresh and tears fall from my eyes, i first listen to him ten years back when i was 16 years old. Inshallah Allah will paradise for his efforts, finally i can say this is Allah's gift to him.

  4. assalm o alaikum to all muslims.May allah bless our prophet and his followers.This is a very good site where we can hear many of the great reciters of quran at the same page.May allah bless them all and make us to recite quran like them too.So on the DAY OF JUdGEMENT and in our graves quran`ld appear ass a good friend. may allah forgive us all

  5. MashahAllah! subhanAllah! May Allah bless him. May Allah grant us all Jannat al firdous. His voice, his tune, his recitation is mashahAllah great. I just love his emotional way of recitation. When he makes supplication, he make almost everyone cry. Our faith increases. He is the best reciter of the holy Quran. May Allah the Almighty bless him.

  6. Assallam alaikum waramotullahi wabarakatullahi.
    All praises and adoration to Almighty ALLAH(SWT) and Peace and Blessings of ALLAH be upon our noble Prophet Muhammed(Aameen). It is my pleasure to inform you that I had listen to recitation of Quran and it was amazing and refreshing, and very educative, enlighten and spiritual enlightenment.

  7. Masha'allah Sheik Abdul Rahman Al Sudais he is a very good reciter. He has a wonderful voice. May Allah give him credit. I wish we can meet him if I go to where he lives.
    And we also thank him for du'a's he says to help the poor muslim country's. May Allah subhana wataalaa give him credit insha Allah you may go to jannahatul fardous.

  8. Masha Allah. The most learned and most practical personality of Islamic World. I am a humble fan of him (Sh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais). May THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH grant him long life so that we may continue listening his most romantic and glorious voice, full of knowledge and Tajweed. A certificate in Tajweed when any research is required.

  9. Subhanallah ! All Praise to Almight who has given the super voice for Moulana. May Allah gives him long life.
    Abdur Rahman Al Sudais is the greatest quran recitor ever. We are from India we are all proud of him. I want to meet him when we go to umrah or Haj.
    Allah rewards the reciters of the quran with the greatest reward.

  10. Assalam u alaikum to all muslim,
    Alhamdoullah to the creator of the earth and giver of knowledge and may thee shower blessing and peace upon our prophet(SAW) and his family and who ever follow his path until the day of judgement.may Allah shower blessing to the people who created this site to boost the moral of muslims.

  11. Salaam all,
    I am a big fan of sheikh sudais. He is the best recitor and a good khateeb. I especially like when he does the khutm-ul-quraan dua, it really shakes the heart of a person that is making the dua with sudais.
    I ask Allah to give us a chance to copy his recitation and his khutm-ul-quraan. Ameen.

  12. SUBHAN ALLAH: Al SUDAAIS is the best, Quran recited by him is felt in my heart and being Muslim Alhamdullilah. I feel to be closer to Allah Subhanutalah. I pray to Allah for the unity of Muslim globally, to become true muslim and Allah forgive us for our wrong deeds and keep us on Siratul Mustakim.
    Assalam u Alakum.

  13. Alhamdulillah, Sheikh Sudais is a remarkable Qur'anic reciter of unquestionable popularity.His powerful memorization is compelling; his melodious voice is heart searching; his appropriate stress on particular verses is insightful. May He receives my comment and send me his greetings. I appreciate your recitation.

  14. Subhan Allah. Gift of Allah to pronounce like this. Being in saudi arabia I heard him in tarawiya and even prayed behind him. His way of asking dua is also emotional touching our hearts. My request to make more easy to download specially for mobiles. May allah give him best place in jannah and to all ummah, ameen.

  15. Assalam o alaikum to every muslim!
    I am from Pakistan.I am a very big fan of sudais recitation.What a melodious voice Allah has granted to him.I want to recite like him.Please pray for me. May Allah keep him and us on right path.
    May Allah's blessings and mercy be upon our beloved Prophet(peace be upon him).

  16. I am from Tunisia i really like to hear Sheikh Abdul Rhahman thanks Allah for giving him such a voice. I really feel peace when i hear him telling the words of Allah. May God Allah give him health.We wish many Muslims had such a nice voice. We all need to hear the most truthful words, the words of Allah.

  17. assalama aleikum, may Allah bless the creators and all of those still doing this great work of Allah of spreading,the holy words, am from Kenya and this site helped me to finish reading the Qur'an,and knowing its meaning,Allahmdullilah and may Allah bless those doing this noble and great work, shukran.

  18. Asalam alaikum, it's great that Allah gave us someone like sudais who has such a wonderful voice and his Quran recitation inspires many. In my country Uganda there is a local radio station voice of Africa which airs Sudais's recitation from 12:00 to 6:00 in the morning something good for the soul.

  19. Salaam alaikum, first of all I give thanks to the almighty ALLAH for making us Muslims and also to all the people for making this site possible. I really enjoyed the recitation of Imam Sudais and the other reciters I encourage them to keep it up. I pray that ALLAH(SWT) should guide us all.

  20. SUBHANALLAH shaykh sudais must be the best reciter in the world because of his melodious recitation of the quran and dua qunut. He reads so good. Almost feels like your right behind him praying with him, and how he talks about the things GOD said about the painful fire will make you Cry.